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Star earning now with more than YouTube profit sharing? >> Know how to use it and download Rumble App for Android.


A digital platform where you don’t have to be present physically to interact, share, or meet. Nowadays, this platform is being used for entertainment purposes and used for freelancing news, official work, and all those work possible via this source. In this article, we want to talk about the Rumble App for Android.

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The application Rumble app is created by Noah Neiman, New York, and is now widely famous worldwide in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. The popularity was recently clinched since the profit share has been increased upto 90% compared to the famous old video platform giant YouTube.


So, let dive into the article and compare Rumble vs YouTube and discuss why you should invest your time in Rumble.

How to use Rumble?

  • To use Rumble, you have to make an account by filling in all the essential details like name, mail address, and number.
  • Or you can use it as a tinder app; you have to swipe right and swipe left and have to earn the ticket, which you can use it to encash the final amount.
  • The maximum amount you can earn is $50, the second prize money you can make $25, and the third is $10.
  • The maximum number of tickets you collect by swiping, the more chance you will get to encash and grab the first prize. You can also refer to your friends via referral link

What Is Rumble Social Media?

Rumble social media is a platform where users can upload, share, like, and create their videos. They can earn money by collecting the Rumble tickets, which you can use it to monetize.

How to earn money via Rumble?

  • You have to make sure that you share and reach the most number of people. You can make up your video or share other videos by swiping right (likes) to earn a ticket.
  • The commission will depend upon the shares, i.e., on Rumble or any other third party social media platform.
  • The minimum amount you have to make is $50 to withdraw the money.

Points to be noted while uploading your video on Rumble?

  • Do not upload any copied content.
  • Post only original content which is made by you
  • The video must follow the guidelines; for that, you must have read the rules and regulations.
  • You can download the separate Camera app of Rumble or use the camera in Rumble App for Android, which is available in the application itself.

Rumble vs YouTube

This application is recently gained popularityAvailable over internet from more than 10 years
Limited audience, although you can share it on any third party platformWidely used platform, and it is currently the single and largest video sharing and uploading service
Used for making short videosYou can use according to your preferences and audience, no limitations.
Rumble shares maximum profit with its users as compared to YouTubeShare the profit earned from advertising as per their own calculations, but less than Rumble.
Takes more time to release the money/ process is slow to deliver the money to the userTake less time to release money
Your uploaded video will be judged and reviewed by the Rumble before getting live.There is no such steps, but YouTube can remove your video if you uploaded content that is against the policy.

Rumble for PC version


As for now you can download Rumble App for Android platform only but by using third party application like Bluestack you can run it over PC also.

Did you like the Rumble App please let us know about it and if you face any issue you can write in the comment section.


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