Sama Tea Reviews

What are some significant facts about sama tea reviews? This is a newly launched tea brand. Tea is one of the most famous drinks which everyone prefers all over the globe. Yes, many people love coffee, and you have to remember exceptions are everywhere, but the popularity of tea is unbreakable. You can hardly spot people who hate tea.

The popularity of tea gave birth to hundreds of new and better tea brands. There is an undeclared race going among all brands. That’s why it is essential to check whether the company is legit or not. We present all information related to the brand, its specifications, pros, cons, legitimacy index and customer reviews to satisfy your needs.

What is sama tea?

We are talking about sama tea reviews here. Firstly, Let’s keep focusing on what sama is. Sama tea is a new brand for the tree from the podcast creator Jay Shetty who is acknowledged worldwide for his work. In this venture, her wife also takes him apart as a partner. They came up with this brand in September 2021.

A list of different types of variations is available in this range;

  • One variation is called protect and support blend, made with raspberry leaf, Jasmine peach, chasteberry, and Shatavari.
  • The second variety is a calm and relaxed blend made with lavender rose, chamomile, cardamom, and tulsi.
  • The third one is made of mint blueberry, ashwagandha, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu kola, known as focus and clarity blend.
  • The last variation is awakened and energized blend, which contains bergamot earl, rooibos in red, guayusa, and a special kind of mushrooms. 


  • Category: Tea brand.
  • Owner: Jay Shetty and Radhi.
  • Launched date: September 2021.
  • Email address: No specific email address is visible on their website. They only give an email form to fill up.
  • Type: This is an organic brand.
  • Costs: $39.95.


  • All of Sama’s teas are packed with premium botanicals and adaptogens that help to balance the mind, body, and heart. 
  • The purposeful blends are USDA Organic.
  • These products are vegan, non-GMO, and also gluten-free.
  • This product is made without artificial sweeteners or added sugar. 


  • This is a new product.
  • Many people can ignore an Ayurveda product.
  • Many unknown ingredients are available in this blend.

Is Sama Tea legit? 


According to our analytical research on sama tea reviews, we found tons of good things about this product. 

  • The owner of this brand is worldwide famous for his work.
  • All kinds of important information and crucial data is mentioned on the website.
  • All types of security certificates are available on this platform to secure your data.
  • Many renowned online shopping companies also sell this brand with their permission.
  • We mark it as a legit product with an 89% trust score.

What is the customer’s opinion on sama tea reviews?

Not many responses are available on the Internet. But all available reviews and responses are positive.

Edina said, 

“This organic tea brand is quite impressive, and all their ingredients are very effective.”


Rimo said, 

“Such different variation in this product range has made it more attractive, and all the ranges are new kinds to explore.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 89%
SSL certificate Yes  
Social media presence Yes    
Customer reviews Yes 

Here is everything related to sama tea reviews. We tried to cover all points to check its legitimacy. We mark it as a legit product with lots of good responses and positive attributes.

If you want to share something related to this product and brand, you can drop it in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts.



Why should I drink Sama tea?

In short, it’s how our unique blends of adaptogens and Ayurvedic botanicals work together to help bring your mind, body, and heart into balance. Adaptogens are plants that help you recover compensation and resist stressors, ultimately leading to a healthier you! These botanicals have long been a part of Ayurvedic practices and are entwined with traditional Hindu healing.

At Sama, we believe that by combining modern adaptogenic ingredients with conventional Ayurvedic wisdom, they make tea blends that help you feel your best from the inside out.

Is Sama tea USDA Organic?


Yes, all of Sama’s teas are USDA Organic.

Is Sama Gluten-Free?

Yep! Our teas are free of gluten (and instead are full of tasty adaptogens& botanicals).

Are your tea sachets plastic-free?

Sama’s tea sachets are made from a plant-based material called PLA. Sama’s tea sachets are designed to be compostable! They also use a cotton string and printed paper tag, no metal staples.


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