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Scentsy Air Purifier Reviews by 50+ Customers [2024]

Read the latest Scentsy air purifier reviews? 2024 >> It quietly cleans the air around you while also dispersing signature Scentsy fragrance, find out more?

A clean and scented air around you can lift your mood and make your ambiance healthier for breathing. Air purifiers have become a necessity after the pandemic. It is necessary to check on your surroundings to minimize the spread of various transferable diseases.

People of the United States rely heavily on these devices to discard impurities from indoor air. Scentsy is prominent among various brands making scented products that fill your house with a soothing aroma. In this article, let’s find out if the purifier is worth it. Read further to know more.

About Scentsy air purifier?

It is an automated technology that clarifies air impurities and makes it allergens-free. You will observe a difference in the ambiance within a few minutes. It removes all the odor and toxic particles by its HEPA H13 filter to make it better for inhaling and has an excellent mechanism for cleaning.

There is a HEPA filter installed with antibacterial properties to remove all pollens, smoke, dust, and any other household particulate matter up to 0.3 microns. The filter will finish in 40 days if used 24/7.

Some in-depth characteristics of the purifier:

  • The 0purifier is for small spaces under 200 square feet.
  • Its noise level is 22dB, which is low and creates a no sound effect.
  • There is a life span indicator of the filter.
  • Child lock is present for keeping the device safe grom your kids and pets.
  • The item comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes in 7 different fragrances that you can change according to your preference. Each one is different and unique with its aroma.

Continue reading to know more about the Scentsy air purifier reviews.


  1. The dimensions of the device are 11 inches in length and 3 inches in radius. It is in a cylinder shape.
  2. There is space for two scented pods and, you can use them together for instant aroma.
  3. It has three different adjustable fan modes.
  4. You can use the timer to set a period of running time.
  5. The air quality indicator shows the quality of air.
  6. HEPA filters are replaceable and need regular updates.
  7. They have incorporated a lifetime warranty for all buyers and 30 days satisfaction of guarantee.
  8. It can clean air up to 200 sqft spaces.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It uses HEPA filters.
  • 7 different fragrances to choose.
  • Adjustable fan modes.


  • It lacks dual filter features.
  • There is no certificate for this product quality in the United States.
  • The lifespan of the filter is less than others.

Is scentsy air purifier effective?

The only way to find the efficiency of any product is through Scentsy air purifier reviews and certificates. It has received no certificates for security and energy-saving. We have no proof of their effectiveness in cleaning the air. AHAM has the authority to judge the air purifier efficiency but, Scentsy got not accredited by them. Therefore, we cannot be sure if it can clean the area it promises.

These are eye-catching, exquisite looking, and available at affordable prices. It is the reason for their immense popularity. It has some unique features that make it worth buying but, we are not sure of its effectiveness.


They have a user-friendly return policy. So you can buy them and return them if you are unsatisfied with the results. We will suggest readers wait for it to get checked by AHAM to be sure.

Scentsy air purifier reviews

The purifier gets sold on much retailing e-commerce but, we did not find it on any e-commerce giants. The product got derived under the famous Scentsy brand, well known for making aromatic candles and wax.

We found it has received 4.3/5 stars consumer rating on open sources which, determine it to be a good product.


People find it effective in small areas and love the smell. But it lacks some features which need to get worked for. Overall, it is an authentic product and a good choice for people who look for aromatic purifiers.


As per Scentsy air purifier reviews, it is a well-received device with many trusted customers. But we will recommend our readers to compare it with other air purifiers available in the market before making any substantial purchase.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section; we love hearing from you.


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