Sharny and Julius Reviews

Want to shed off those extra pounds and need some expert advice? We are here to share our views and provide you with genuine Sharny and Julius reviews on their programs and the services they provide.

With the rising obesity rate in the United States, it is crucial for people of all ages and gender to move towards embracing a healthy lifestyle and exercise every day to stay healthy. Unfortunately, to achieve these goals, people usually rely on crash diets, and most of the time, they fail to get desired results. Going on diets does not result in a healthy lifestyle; it can only make you weak. 

To lose weight most naturally, one needs to bring about lifestyle changes and exercise regularly.

What is Sharny and Julius program?

Sharny Kieser and Julius Kieser have launched an online platform that helps people shed excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. They gained immense success when they launched their first book, Never Diet Again, which was very well received among the readers. Since then, they have constantly worked towards increasing their customer base by launching their services on multiple platforms. 


Today they have 14 best international selling books, and they together run 8 very successful online fitness programs that people can enroll in from in part across the globe. Before purchasing any of the programs, carefully read Sharny and Julius reviews to make an informed decision.

They offer various programs:

One program does not work for all body types; hence, they offer numerous programs for men and women to choose from. Some of the programs are on their website are:

Women/ Mom


MEN / Dad




By provided multiple programs, they aim to cater to all the sections of the society and make them fit and healthy.

Is Sharny and Julius program legit or not?


Sharny and Julius are well known in the United States and they have a very active youtube channel where they interact with their many users, which proves that the work they do is legit. All the books written by them are available in any local bookstore or purchased on their website. They offer multiple programs to choose from as per the needs of individuals. 

They have a robust social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, sharing their user transformation journeys.  

What are the Sharny and Julius reviews by the user?


We all are aware that their books have been very well received on an international level. However, we are here with the reviews that the users have given about their online programs:

  • One of the users on an open platform claimed it to be the best program, even though it wasn’t easy, but he did see results after putting in efforts.
  • The other user gushed over the lifetime access that she received after one-time payment for all the information, food plans, workouts, and different diet charts.
  • One user mentioned that he lost 8 kilos within 4 weeks, and he followed all the instructions and advice by the couple to gain successful results.
  • No legit site goes unscathed without getting a few negative responses, and so we did find a few negative responses.
  • One of the users wasn’t satisfied with their delivery style, and the other disliked the food plans they offered.
  • The reviews have been mostly positive, and they have been on many television platforms where they offer honest opinions and replies to these reviews.


Unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits need to end now. The world is already grappled with a series of severe medical issues, and your body needs to be fit than ever. But one fitness mantra does not apply to all; different diet plans work differently on individuals; finding your proper diet and exercise routine can be a cumbersome task, but it needs to be your priority. Sharny and Julius reviews help us give an insight into their program, and now you can decide what the right choice is for you. 

If you treat your body with respect, it protects you against all unwanted pathogens and diseases. So stay fit and keep on sharing your experience to attain physical and mental fitness with us.


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