If you are interested in buying your sporting accessories on Siluckshop and are looking for Reviews to clarify your doubts? Well, you’ve come to the right place. (2022) >> Read through this article to verify the website’s authenticity.

It is very crucial for all the customers to verify the details about the website before shopping. So, in this article, we will attempt to check the legitimacy of the E-commerce store Siluckshop.It delivers its products in the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada. – A Brief Description

With the advent of the pandemic, everybody is stricken to their homes, making it near to impossible to visit the malls and stores for shopping. Whereas E-commerce stores paved a new way into our homes, by allowing us to shop in our comfort.

Due to this ease and convenience in shopping, more and more people are resorting to online shopping. However, many of these online shoppers often fail to verify the credibility of the e-commerce store before purchasing, making them extremely vulnerable to the online deceptive schemes run by such stores.

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Siluckshopis run by Hymax Company Limited. It mainly specializes in the sale of custom-made products ranging from E-bikes and E-Tricycles to Camping trailers and Racing quads.

The products are extremely affordable and are often paired with exclusive discounts. They focus on offering a premium shopping experience to their customers. Moreover, their goal is to provide first-grade quality products to their customers. They also offer a no-guff guarantee to their customers in case the product is not to the liking of the customers.

 Now, let’s take a look at the Reviews.


Domain Name: siluckshop(dot)com

Domain Age: Registered on 20-02-2021.


Based in: United States.

Products Offered: Custom-made E-Bikes, E-Tricycles, Camping Trailers, Racing Quads, etc.

Company Address: 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, London, Greater London, England, WC1X 8BP.

Contact Info: 442081233186.

Support Email ID:

Payment Pathways: Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery.


Shipping: Ships all over United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. The shipment timeline varies from product to product and is mentioned at the checkout.

Delivery Charges: Free shipping is applicable for orders.

Refund and Return: The return request must be made within 30 days of making the purchase. The return shipping costs must be borne by the customers. Exchange is also available at no extra charge.

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  • Wide range of products in one place.
  • HTTPS secured website.
  • Multiple payment methods are available.
  • Cash on delivery applicable.
  • Free shipping for all the orders.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Exclusive deals on items.
  • Active on some social networking sites.


  • Very recently established i.e., less than 6 months.
  • Return shipping charges must be borne by the customers.
  • False claims made.
  • Low trust score.
  • The no. of visitors is low.
  • No option to track orders.
  • Not present on all the major social networking platforms.

Is legit?

After performing thorough research, we found out that the store’s activities are slightly suspicious. It made numerous claims that turned out to be false. The company is based in the UK, but it displays on the website that it operates from the US. Moreover, the website says that the return and exchange will be done at no extra cost, but it later says that the customers must bear the shipment and handling charges.


The trust score earned by the website is also very low. The company has only been established three months, so it is very new. The website only has a Facebook account and is not present on any other platforms like Instagram &Twitter. There is also no promotional activity taking place on any of these platforms. The site also doesn’t have a lot of visitors.

What are the Reviews given by the customers?

We’ve visited and contacted many sites to find the customer reviews on this store but were unable to locate any. The store is only present on Facebook and its last post was made on 19th May 2021. Despite being present on Facebook there is very limited activity and there are no comments given by the customers.

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The website does not maintain a page for its testimonials, nor does it maintain a comments section under each of its products. The store remains dormant on social media and there are no positive or negative reviews given by the customers.


Overall, we’ve observed that despite aiming to provide world-class services along with quality products to its customers, the store has failed to establish a reliable connection. Many fallacious claims have been made with negative reviews and many loopholes are detected on the website. So, we advise all the users to maintain a great level of caution while purchasing from this store.

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