Smartbulb360 Reviews Based on 50+ Uers – Worth Buying?

Impatiently finding smartbulb360 reviews? Fortunately, we are presenting the inspection today. These bulbs are grabbing a lot of attention, and many people are determined to buy them. Assuming their need, we came up with such articles. Nowadays, hundreds of new brands are available to purchase. But choosing the correct brand is a tough job. That’s why we thought to reduce your stress with this article.

We conduct in-depth research and gather all vital information to clear all your doubts regarding this product. We sum up every inch of its crucial features like pros, cons, specifications, working knowledge, and many strange things. This article will answer all of your queries instantly. Be with us to unfold all mysteries.

What is smartbulb360? 

This bulb does not work like a regular light brand. It has a hidden camera and speaker in it. You can keep an eye on your home from any place you want. You can operate this bulb without any worry from your mobile phone and can change the settings. There are various kinds of special features available in this light bulb.


A detailed list of available features on this product: 

  • 1080 full HD video quality. 
  • Infrared night vision.
  • 360-degree wide-angle coverage.
  • Two-way audio connection.

Our primary concentration for today is presenting smartbulb360 reviews. We are moving forward to this in our forthcoming segments.


  • Contact Number: (616) 682 7691.
  • Email Address: There is no email address available on the Internet, but an Email form is attached with the official website.
  • Contact Address: PO Box 54018 golden gate PO, Brampton. On L6Y, 5Y9.
  • Category: Security electronics.
  • Price: $7.45.
  • Added features: contains camera and speaker in it.


  • The bulbs are Alexa compatible, making voice automation easy.
  • Automatic systems can control many mechanical appliances through smartphone apps.
  • The automated light systems have color options. And not your typical white or yellow glow either. An entire rainbow of options is available through your hub or smartphone app.
  • With these intelligent lighting systems, you can control the on and off switches from miles away. You are not wasting energy to keep them calm while you are out and about.


  • Lightbulbs are still trying to work out the bugs. Voice activation automation is a huge draw; however, it can be frustrating when light bulbs blink or don’t register your verbal requests.
  • These bulbs and lighting systems that are automated come with chargers. The negative is if you lose the charger, you will find yourself stuck in the dark. Always check if your new automation is compatible with more than the provided charger.
  • Brands have not perfected the smart light bulb quite yet. In some cases, smartphone applications are either incompatible or unreliable with their connection to your lighting system. 

How to use smartblub360 safely?

  • Choose a strong password. 
  • Smart bulbs connect to an app on your phone, and if you don’t set a good password when you create your account within the app, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to hacking.
  • The best thing you can do is make sure you have a solid password (the one you don’t use elsewhere).
  • The study’s researchers also recommend connecting your intelligent bulbs to a smart home hub. 
  • By doing so, your bulbs will communicate to your other devices via the hub rather than directly via your Wi-Fi network, making your home less vulnerable to hackers.

Is smartbulb360 legit ?

According to our research, this smartbulb360 reviews are legit but slightly poor in quality compared to other top smart bulb companies. Here are some central points of smartbulb360 reviews.

  • We can mark it safe and give it a 57% trust score.
  • The official website contains all security certificates to secure your data.
  • This company is not BBB accredited.
  • No customer responses are recorded to analyze it.

In our opinion, this brand is kind of suspicious. Some of the vital information is not available on their website. On the other hand, some renowned online shopping platforms are selling this product on their website.

Customer opinion and smartbulb360 reviews?


No valid customer responses have been recorded anywhere on the Internet. We couldn’t be able to present anything related to this segment here. Some people drop 3.5 stars in the rating section. But no written reviews are found anywhere.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score57%
SSL certificate Yes 
Social media presence No 
Customer review No 

We consider this product as a legit one but the quality of the product is slightly poor. If you want, you can buy this product from any online platform you want.

You can share your experiences and views on smartbulb360 reviews in the comment section below to let us know about your thought process.

Frequently Asked Question


Q1. Does this light have a normal light?

Yes, it works like a regular light bulb. It has three LED lights giving you a bright light of 400 Lumens. It is compatible with all light sockets using voltage between 110v to 240v. This product works with any standard light socket, lamps, ceiling fan sockets, and many more.

Q2. Does the light need to switch on all-time for camera features?

No, Smart Bulb Camera can still record and see even when the light is turned off.


Q3. If there is a speaker inside the light?

Yes! Smart Bulb Camera offers whole two-way audio talk. You can speak into your phone, and anyone who is standing by the camera will be able to hear you. Similarly, the bulb has a mic, and they can talk into the bulb, and you will listen to them through your phone.

Q4. Does this product work in any weather conditions?

Yes! Smart Bulb Camera will work in all weather conditions, including when temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius.


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