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Some Of The Best Pavilions At Expo 2020

Some Of The Best Pavilions At Expo 2020? Knowing more about different cultures has become a fascination of a lifetime for many people. As technology advances and air travel and the internet become readily available, the interactions between people from different continents increase. 

For this reason, there is a growing realization that we, here in the United States, have much more in common with people from other countries than we previously thought, and there is much more to learn from people who have different backgrounds compared to us. 

Inspired by this opportunity, the world community decided that they would be holding international expositions where each country would get an opportunity to showcase its culture and milestones. These expositions were named the World Expos. Over the years, these expos have given us a lot, including the Atomium and the Eiffel Tower – the flagship structure of the World Expo in Paris.

The World Expo 2020 faced a year’s delay due to the coronavirus and opened in October 2021. However, the wait was well worth it. We say this with confidence knowing that Expo 2020 in Dubai is known to be one of the best in history. The best part is that the Expo does not nearly encompass all the architectural marvels in Dubai. 

There is so much more to see, including the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – and what has been dubbed the most beautiful building since its opening in February 2020 – the Museum Of The Future. 

And how can we forget perhaps the most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj ul Arab, and one of the fascinating mosques in the world – the Sheikh Zayed Mosque?! In short, right now, as a city, Dubai has a lot more to offer than any other city on Planet Earth.

But, one thing that should worry you is if you have not been to the city since Expo 2020. The international exposition ends as soon as next month, which means that you need to prepare for your trip to Dubai. The first thing you need is good internet. 

Comcast internet may be the best option you have as it provides great speeds at affordable prices throughout the United States. Once you have fast internet, you need to buy an airplane ticket from your hometown in America to Dubai (it’s a long flight so expect to be paying around a grand for it), a ticket to the exposition itself, and a stay in a hotel in the city (there are well over a hundred pavilions so make sure you book a stay of no less than a week). 

Once you get done with this, you need to start looking up pavilions at Dubai Expo and decide which pavilions you want to spend the most time on. We have detailed a few pavilions that we believe are worth seeing to make your job easier.

Al Wasl Plaza’s Dome

This is one of the most spectacular sites at Expo 2020. It is a dome of 67 meters and a width of 130 meters. If you are not good with numbers, let us tell you this: it is the largest unsupported dome globally. 

Even more impressive is that the dome’s gigantic surface has been carefully designed to aesthetic perfection and is often involved in spectacular light shows. Go to the dome at night as there is a very high chance you will be able to witness one of the light shows that way.

Mobility Pavilion

Mobility was a theme of Expo 2020, so it got its pavilion. And not just any pavilion, one of the best-looking pavilions at the global exposition! The structure is designed by a high-quality design company of Great Britain – Foster + Partners. Its outside is covered with stainless steel and is very pleasing to the eye.

Sustainability Pavilion

Sustainability was yet another theme of the Expo, and, just like Mobility, it got its pavilion as well. And the Sustanailbility Pavilion did not disappoint either, and it was able to shed light on the ways many in the world are trying to save our planet. The best displays included those depicting dense forests and deep oceans. 


We are confident that, by this point, you will be pretty convinced that a trip to Expo 2020 is well worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a vacation of a lifetime!

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