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There are many people fond of music. Some of them are fond of singing or playing their rhythms while some of them are fond of listening to music and they listen to it every single day keeping themselves updated with the new launch. This article is going to discuss a band that is not United States based but has become famous around the world in a very less time. This band has proved that hard work always pays off if you do it without impure intentions.


A band is a group of passionate people who showcase their talent related to music like singing, playing instruments, choreographing, etc. on a stage to entertain their audience. This article will discuss squid bright green field review to see its fan base. For those who have no idea what we are talking about, stay tuned with the article to gather the complete information. So, this article will also cover their journey from the scratch and maybe the fans of the band will be excited after reading.

What is Squid bright green field?

Squid is a band that has gained a huge fan base. This is a post-punk band from Brighton, England consists of five members. Currently, the band is located in London. This band was formed at the university in Brighton. All the members have collided equally on an experimental level. Also, the major part of this band is that all the members have the talent of playing multi-instruments.


The band released their debut album EP on Speedy Wunderground, Town Centre, 2019. Their full-length debut was by Warp Records, 7th May 2021. The name of the album was Bright Green Field. This article will also have a look at squid bright green field review to know more about this band.

Members of the band-

  • Anton Pearson – guitar, bass, backing vocals (2017–present)
  • Ollie Judge – lead vocals, drums (2017–present)
  • Arthur Leadbetter – keyboards, strings, percussion (2017–present)
  • Louis Borlase – guitar, bass, backing vocals (2017–present)
  • Laurie Nankivell – bass, brass, percussion (2017–present)

All the band members are still active and the band is getting famous. The people of the United States are fond of the music of this band. The member also launches their singles one of them is “Narrator” – the album first single – finds the brashness of vocalist/drummer Ollie Judge challenged in sonance by the deft softness of guest vocalist Martha Skye Murphy.

About squid bright green field-


The Bright Green Field an idea-collection, more a multi-point of view account all matching up to a reality excessively dangerous. Squid have changed their exploring compound of quick, motoric beats meet spiralling jazz-prompted craftsmanship punk and repurposed them for more extensive regions that stay consistent with Warp’s memorable constitution for post-kind music. This article will also unleash squid bright green field review.

The outcome takes into consideration an altogether powerful free stream that figures out how to fulfil a dissimilar, yet firmly strong tracklist. Indeed, even to a point where tunes chat freely among themselves. The respective ‘Kid Racers’ – a track which sees withdrawn quick vehicle dream trail off into a flood of horrible tension – gets from where it left off seven tracks later with threatening new confidence on disastrous nearer, ‘Leaflets’.

What is squid bright green field review-


The genre of this album is Pop/Rock, Alternative/indie rock. The record label is “Warp”. The track listing consist of the following songs-

  • Resolution Square
  • G.S.K
  • Narrator
  • Boy Racers
  • Paddling
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • 2010
  • Flyover
  • Peel St.
  • Global Groove
  • Pamphlets

The critics have rated this the score of 89 on a scale of 1 to 100. The fan rating reflects 8.7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The rating shows that the fans are quite happy with the performance of the band.


There’s no uncertainty that the five-piece have made something inconceivably exceptional, and they’re now chipping away at a visit to grandstand yet more new music for later in the year – nothing can keep them still. Anything is possible for really Squid. We have gathered all the information found about this famous band in the above article. We would love to read the reviews of our readers if they find this article interesting. Feel free to drop your views.


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