Sususs among Us

Here Sususs among Us? Get all the latest updates about this trending topic and why it is getting famous these days (April 2021). Read all about memes, reviews etc.

We all are familiar with games and people usually tend to get excited about the games. Among us is infamous around the world. In this article, we are going to talk about Sususs among us that is becoming a confusion among the gamers and others. Let see what we can find about this on the Internet.


Since the game is gaining immense popularity it is hard to classify between the meme and the reality. We will try to gather more information on this and fetch out the reality from the memes. We will also research the game Among us and try to find out how exactly it is related to Sususs.

What is Sususs?

According to a famous informative platform on the Internet we have found that there was a head or leader of Western Rome. Sususs among Us was supposed to be in power from 375 AD to 392 AD. As per the platform, he was brought into the world in 371 AD and kicked the bucket on fifteenth May 392 AD in the city of Vienne, France.


A few groups say that the Roman Emperor is phony, and the photograph utilized in the images or Wikipedia is of Valentinian II.

What is Among us?

This is an online multiplayer game eligible for ten players to play in a single lobby. The players are given their role in the spaceship or called a planet in the game. Ultimately, this is a game of survival in which either the imposter diverts the crew and kill one by one of the crew kick out the imposter and sign the victory.

How are among us associated with Sususs?


There is a meme scattered around the world. The people and the gamers want to know the truth if the word Sus is taken from the Roman background. According to some people, it is totally fun for them if it is related to Roman history while some are fighting to know the truth and how is it funny to others. Here are some facts about the same:

  • Sususs Among Us is the name of the Roman ruler in the image, and the words “Sus” in the game methods dubious.
  • This image is identified with an Emperor viz. Valentinian II. He was a ruler with no force and authority. He was having Elephant power however without any teeth.
  • Each reality identified with this ruler makes him dubious, and consequently, in this game, this ruler has been utilized as a dubious image.
  • It additionally addresses that a dubious ruler likewise had a dubious demise, we don’t think about the explanation of the passing of Valentinian II. Hence, this image utilized this term as a ruler.

Why the meme did get so much publicity?

The primary reason for this meme of Sususs among us becoming so much famous is the game. Among us in an online game and thousands of players are a part of it. Because of the game and some words matching each other, the meme became famous.


Also, some literate dumb people gave spark to the ignition. Even now the people are searching for the truth and here in the article, you can find it.


Among us has over half a billion monthly active players making it popular Worldwide. A fake Roman Emperor named Sususs in Amongus rocked the meme community and became viral on social media. The similarity between Emperor Sususs among Us and the terms used in the game shocked everyone.

We hope in this article you would have got the meaning of this meme. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments.


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