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What is the Terry Bradshaw net worth 2022? All the fans of the NFL are aware of his achievements as the best football player of his time. Apart from his sports career, he contributed to the entertainment industry and invested in many more movies/television shows.

He is one of the biggest celebrities in the United States in the sports section. Are you wondering what is his yearly income and net worth? We have dated his personal, professional, and financial status in this article for all his fans. Read further to know more.

Who is Terry Bradshaw?


Terry Bradshaw is the greatest of an all-time football player. He has been a part of the National football league lead for a long time and played in a quarterback position. 

After his career ended as a professional player, he invested his time in television Sports and became an analyst and host for the NFL Sunday programs. We had a successful career in Pittsburgh and secured various titles. 

He was the first quarterback to reach the super bowls, and he became the best player in steelers. The popularity of this player does not end here. He got the honor fame in pro football and college football. 


He is known to have incredible arms among the long list of NFL players. All the other players in his team were always appreciative of his skills as a quarterback. His leadership quality leads the Steelers in many championships. Continue reading to know more about Terry Bradshaw net worth.


NameTerry Bradshaw
Date of Birth2 Sept, 1948
BirthplaceShreveport, Louisiana
Highschool nameWoodland
College nameLouisiana Tech
Position in gameQuarter back
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight218 lb
Distance he passed for NFL27,989 yards
Accuracy percentage for NFL51.9%
Rating for pass in NFL70.9%
Touchdowns on rushing for NFL32

Terry Bradshaw net worth for 2022?

  1. Tera started playing football in his school and excelled in his skills with time. He got named under the Hall of fame for professional football and college. 
  2. Apart from soccer, he enjoyed playing javelin throw as well. According to our analysis, he set a 243 feet record. 
  3. After joining Louisiana Tech, he started playing as a quarterback and supported his team to win many championships like the rice bowl.
  4. At the age of 73, Terry Bradshaw net worth got calculated to be 45 million dollars. 
  5. Even though he is retired from football, he constantly works in many fields like advertisement acting and coach.
  6. A few of his sponsors are Tide, Nutri system, and Ford. Terry has received many honors like the golden plate award and team awards that set high records. 
  7. After retirement, he started as an analyst in NFL. 
  8. Soon Fox launched the NFL Sunday team, and Terry was one of the commentators in the show. He won 3 Emmy awards for his show. 

List of Terry Bradshaw movies

Terry has always had a charismatic personality and acting skills. It allowed him to become part of various movies and shows. Here is a list of shows and movies you can see him:

  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Hooper
  • Modern Family
  • The League
  • Brotherly Love
  • Failure to Launch
  • The Larry Sanders Show
  • Smokey and the Bandit II
  • Adventures of Brisco Country
  • Married… with Children

This work in the United States increased Terry Bradshaw net worth. He made guest appearances in many talk shows like “The Tonight Show and The Jeff Foxworthy Show.” 


To top it all, he got a star in the famous Hall of fame walk in Hollywood and became the first football player to receive this honor. He has some singing skills too and published albums and singles. 

In 2020 his latest album came out with “Quarantine Crazy.” No matter his other talents, his love of football never diminished, and he is still an analyst at NFL, receiving a $5 million annual payment.

Terry Bradshaw’s personal life and relationships?

The Terry Bradshaw net worth did not influence his personal space. Terry had a depressing personal life that counts in four marriages. His three ex-wives were Melissa Babish, JoJo Starbuck, and Charla Hopkins, the mother to his daughters.


 After his third separation, he was under emotional stress and depression. There were so many family issues. He could not get out of trauma which led to several anxiety attacks. After 15 years of relationship with his girlfriend Tammy, he finally married in 2014. 


Concluding, Terry Bradshaw net worth is 45 million dollars as per the latest analysis. He is one of the most prominent football players and an inspiration for many. You can still see him appearing in some shows as an honorable guest.

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