The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama

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We are focusing on this specific Show. We reveal some fun facts and detailed cast names, the story overview, watcher reviews, and more information. Korean shows are ruling over the web world. They give their competitors a great competition and try to collaborate with other artists and bands to make them well-known and increase the fandom.

An overview of the story: 

The secret life of my secretary Korean drama is a Rom-com series with thirty-two episodes. This story revolves around a life incident of a director or manager of a Mobile media company.

 The director lost his ability to remember the faces of people for a terrible attack. He discovered who his real friends are and who is fake with the help of his secretary. His secretary helps him to solve mysteries throughout the series. Meanwhile, the victim director falls in love with his secretary. 

The crucial information of this series:

  • Name of the Show: The secret life of my secretary Korean drama.
  • Formation: chomyune sarabghbmiba.
  • Name of the director: Lee gwang young.
  • Name of the writer: Kim-a-Jung.
  • Network name: SBS is the specific network.
  • Episode number: there are thirty-two episodes available in this K-drama.
  • Official release date: 6th May 2019.
  • Language: This drama is available in the Korean language.
  • County name: South Korea. 
  • Show dates: Monday and Tuesday.
  • Time: 22:00 
  • Episode quantity: Two episodes per day.

What is the secret life of my secretary Korean drama?

This series is a Romantic comedy K-drama show. This Show was released in 2019, and a massive amount of Korean celebrities took part in it. Some facts remain to know about this Show. We are serving tremendous and charming names of K-drama actors.

A detailed list of actors and their characters:

ActorsName of the character
Kim Young KwanDr Min-Ik
Jin-ki-jooJung Gal- hee
Kim-Jae-KyungVeronica Park
Koo Ja-sungKi Dae-joo
Jung Ae-riSim Hae-ra
Kim Min-sangSim Hae-yo
Han Ji-sunMo Ha-ni
Byeong-chun KimGoo Seok
Jang So-yeonLee So-yean
Kim Ji-minJung Nam
Seo Dong-wonJung Joong
Chol Tae-HwanEun Jung-soo
Son SanGoo Myung
Kwon So-hyunHa Ri-ra
Lee Seung-hyungDirector Park
Kim HeeGo Si-rye
Song Jin-wooWoo Doo Han
Woo HyunSauna
Kim Lwang KyuDirector
Choi Jeong-wooDo Wan-bae
Bae Hae-sunDr. Park
Gi-du KimDo Min-ik
Lee Moon-sikSupporting character
Kim Jeong-palDo Min-ik
Baek HyeonjuPark Seok-ja
Choi Yoon-soBoo Se-youg

The review of the secret life of my secretary:

Here comes the most exciting part of this article—the review of the secret life of my secretary Korean drama.

  • This Show doesn’t reinvent the drama wheel by any stretch of the imagination, and we had even said that Show’s got some flaws that we find hard to look past, but this drama shows a nice chunk of heart for a good stretch in the middle.
  • It started slow, and we were not completely satisfied with how the ending’s handled, which is very pleasant indeed.
  • Kim Young Kwang’s the meltiest character someone has ever seen yet; Jin Ki Joo manages to be endearing despite some questionable characterization.
  • Kim Jae Kyung is a complete hoot as the feisty, unabashed, world-of-her-own Veronica Park.


We go through all the crucial and entertainment information and present a great article here. Expectedly, you are excited to watch this series and your favorite K-drama actors in the secret life of my secretary Korean drama. 

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Q1. Who is the protagonist of this series?

Kim Young Kwan is the main character of this series.

Q2. What is the duration of each episode?

Each episode is 35 minutes long.

Q3. Where can I stream this series?

You can stream this series on Netflix.

Q4. What is the off-air date of this series?

25th June 2019 is the off-air date of this Show.

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