If you want to know what is, you are in the right place. Are you someone who is looking for sports players or mentors trendy merchandise? Then look no further! we are here to assist you and give you detailed information about a website where anyone can get the items you want to purchase. It is a simple and easy way to obtain graphic tees at reasonable pricing. 

This company is new in the business of the United States. Their products are very catchy and trendy. If you want to learn more about this company, read the complete article.

What is


It is an official online store that sells sports idol t-shirts. They offer a diverse product line that includes basketball players, pop singers, rappers, and many others. All of their products are reasonably priced, and the quality is excellent. 

Their lineup contains a wide variety of mixing possibilities, allowing its customers to suit their tastes. As we stated, they are new to the market, and hence they have no market experience that makes their website somewhat suspicious. Let’s see if this website is legit or not. 

Specifications 🌟

  1. URL-
  2. Domain Creation Date- 19 July 2021
  3. Popularity- 0 (Poor)
  4. Contact Information- Not available
  5. Payment Methods- Not mentioned
  6. Delivery details- Not mentioned
  7. Refunds and return policy- not available

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  • This website is secure because of HTTPS. Therefore, there is no data leaking.
  • The black-list engine was not found.
  • Free shipping is available on all orders.
  • An inquiry form is available.
  • They have an item called “Mystery Box,” which contains 5 graphic tees and one custom-made tee, to your liking. You will receive a questionnaire after your purchase.


  • The content is not original.
  • Their official website uses a free platform for their interface.
  • Poor popularity
  • No market experience
  • The identity of the owner of this business was not revealed.
  • Worldwide shipping is not available.
  • Not available on any social media platforms.
  • They don’t have a newsletter.
  • Contacting their customer service is impossible.

Is theloserzclub legit or not? 🤔


This website received a trust score of 0.5 percent, which indicates that it is not reliable at all. Caution is mandatory before shopping from them. As we said, it was created just a few days ago. After a lot of research, we were unable to locate any user reactions. 

Alexa rank was unavailable. No contact information or address details were mentioned. It’s not at all popular in the United States. As we said, they have just launched their store. So, it may take some time for their business to grow. Major modifications should take place if they want their business to grow. 


They need to add important information such as their office address, Phone numbers, return policy, payment methods, etc., as soon as possible. They have to provide social media links and update their discount details there to get profits. 

But for now, we can say that this is not a legitimate website for the time being. But, answering this question is impossible because passing a judgment on a business this young is unfair. We recommend you wait for few months. 

What are customers’ reviews?

This store only recently started selling products. As previously said, there is a lack of popularity. There aren’t many reviews on the internet, making it challenging for clients to approach this business and buy the item they want from them. “During our research, we discovered that there were no reviews on any social media platforms. We urge that you wait a few days and let other buyers weigh in.

Conclusion 💡


There are no reviews, no market experience, a low trust score, no popularity, and many other critical factors that make assessing its legitimacy difficult. As a result, the website appears to be suspect, raising the question: Is legit or not? It cannot be said now. 

This information will be updated if they make back-end modifications. We have provided you with all of the information you require regarding this online business. So you can now base your judgment.

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