Tinashe Hair Review by 50+ Customers [2023]

This write-up will inform readers about the honest Tinashe hair review. We have received several user feedbacks where few are satisfied with the product.

After its launch, it has created a buzz in the United States, and girls worldwide are going insane over this natural-looking wig. The hair of the woman is considered the beauty of the face. Although, in this modern era, people are also developing and embracing the no hair look. For some women, it’s their self-esteem and confidence. 


And who doesn’t want great hair? Tinashe’s hair has created real hair natural wigs, which became the talk of the town. Let us see some more details about it.

About Tinashe’s hair

Tinashe’s hair is a wig manufacturer company that was inaugurated in 1996 in China. It is the first fake hair brand that provides real human hair wigs to customers. They sell the wigs to wholesalers, retailers, and customers, which is why the price was higher. The Chinese product is widely used amongst United States women.

In 2006, Tinashe’s hair opened a shopping mall that sells the best quality wigs worldwide. After opening the stores and mall, the prices became cheap, and the quality remained the same. 


Now, the customers directly deal with the wholesalers. There are lots of wig collections on the website and in the mall. The Tinashe hair review is highly satisfying. Let us move forward.


  • Owner- Tinashe
  • Address- Guangzhou
  • Email id- admin@tinashehair.com
  • Contact no- +8616649781957
  • Customer Ratings- 4.7 stars
  • Shipping- Worldwide 
  • Key product- Head wig
  • Return/refund policy- available 
  • Payment- Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover

Key features:

  • Natural-looking hair wig.
  • It comes in all sizes, colors, and styles.
  • The quality of the wig is super good.
  • There are lots of resellers all around the world.


  • The domain is quite old.
  • Tinashe hair wigs quality is worth the price.
  • It is reusable several times.
  • The customer’s service is available 24/7z
  • Wholesalers and customers have different contact numbers to call.
  • There are various shopping malls of Tinashe hair in Guangzhou.
  • The staff follows the instructions carefully and will provide their customers with the best quality service.
  • They ship worldwide with DHL and FedEx couriers. 
  • It takes a maximum of 7 working days to reach the customers.
  • There are so many modes of payment available.


  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • Shopping malls are open in Guangzhou.
  • The return and refund policy takes lots of time to process.

Is tinashehair.com a safe website?

We have done lots of research about Tinashe’s hair. We have Tinashe hair reviews as well from everywhere on the internet. We declare this website to be legitimate. Because:

  • The website is pretty old.
  • Millions of customers and buyers all across the globe.
  • The trust score is commendable.
  • SSL Encryption protects it.
  • Lots of customer feedback is available on the internet. 
  • All of the information they have provided is true. 

From the points mentioned above, it is clear that if you want to order from this website, it will give you the desired outcome. 

What is the Tinashe hair review by users?

The customers have loved the wig and are crazily ordering it worldwide. User ratings are 4.6 spectacular stars. 82% of the customers have rated it five on 5.

We all know that with the positive comes the negative as well. Very few (7%) customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase from Tinashe Hair and are given just 1 star. Users commented on having lost the wig hair in patches, ordered some wigs, and received another. 


The positive reviews explained the quality of hair wigs, the brighter and desired wig collections, and quick delivery.


With our factual knowledge and honest verdict, the Tinashe hair review is satisfying. If you are looking forward to buying some unique hair collection wigs as per your desire, this is your website. We highly recommend to our users this simple site. It is not a sponsored article. 

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