Titanice.co Jewelry Reviews

Titanice.co Jewelry Reviews? Are you looking to buy jewelry and are looking for information to verify the authenticity of the jewelry stores? Well, then you’ve reached the right place. (June 2021) >> Read through this article to find out more. All the fashionistas know the importance of accessorizing rightly. Jewelry stands to be the most fashionable accessory for both men and women. Everybody adores a good necklace. However, jewelry is now not just an accessory anymore; it sets an example for your status, expresses your style, and allows you to make a statement. 

So, choosing the right jewelry to go you’re your dress should not never be taken too lightly. With the pandemic surge, many of the jewelry stores have now moved online to reach a bigger crowd. It became extremely easy to directly order your desired piece from the comfort of your home. But with this ease came a greater level of risk, as many of these stores often deceive their customers. In this article, we will attempt to verify the authenticity of the store Titanice.co, based in the United States.

Titanice.co – A Brief Description


This online store specializes in the sale of necklaces and chains for both men and women. They offer an exclusive range of customized gold chains with a variety of pendants at very affordable rates. Their items are often paired with great deals and discounts too. Their primary goal is to offer all their users a hassle-free shopping experience. 

They are primarily based in the United States. All their chains are carefully designed to meet the current trends and to suit the customer’s taste. They are proud of their extremely friendly customer service and rare, authentic designs.


Now, let’s look into the Titanice.co Jewelry Reviews.


  • Domain Name: www.titanice.co 
  • Domain Age: registered on 01-02-2021.
  • Based in: United States.
  • Product Type: Online Jewelry store.
  • Contact Info: not mentioned.
  • Company Address: Not available.
  • Support Email ID: titanice.corp@gmail.com 
  • Payment Pathways: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and JCB.
  • Delivery Costs: will be calculated at the check-out and will vary from product to product.
  • Shipping: the shipping timeline will be dependent on the availability of the product and the location. Thus, it will also vary from product to product.
  • Return & Refund: returns will not be accepted until and unless the item is damaged. In case of damage, the Refund will be initiated only after the inspection proves that the damage is from their side. 


  • Exclusive designs.
  • Wide range of chains.
  • Multiple payment pathways are available.
  • Delivers worldwide.
  • For both men and women.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Great deals and discounts.
  • Option to track orders.
  • HTTPS is encrypted.


  • Very recently established.
  • Low Trust score.
  • Free shipping is not available.
  • Return and Refund are not available until and unless the product is damaged.
  • Owner details are hidden.
  • No cash on delivery available.
  • No presence on social networking sites.

Is Titanice.co Legit?

After performing thorough research, we found out a lot of information about the store. Unfortunately, the online store has very low website traffic and visitors. Additionally, the trust score earned is extremely low, i.e., it rated 1 out of 100. The site is very recently established, and most of the details about the company remain hidden. Moreover, the contact info is also vague; only the support email ID is mentioned. The company address and phone number are not given anywhere. 


Furthermore, the store has no promotional activity taking place on any of the social networking platforms. It is not at all active on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Overall, the store seems very suspicious.

What do the Titanice.co Jewelry Reviews say about the store?

We visited several sites searching for any kind of comments or reviews given by the users, but to our disdain, we could not find any. Moreover, as the site remained dormant on all the social networking platforms, we could not find any reviews on such sites. 


However, the site does not maintain a page for its testimonials, and neither does it keep a comment section under each of its products. Instead, the items are simply given a five-star rating on the website itself, but there is no way to verify that they have shown that rating. 


Overall, even though the store offers an exclusive range of customized chains and pendants, it failed to establish a reliable connection with its customers. There is no Titanice.co Jewelry Reviews available. The store’s activities are very doubtful, and one must exercise a great level of caution when purchasing from sites.

Please use the comment section below to share your experience and help others verify the store’s legitimacy.


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