Total Gym Fit Reviews

Are you looking to know total gym fit reviews? Then, In that case, your search ends here. This article will look at complete details of the total gym fit package and the facilities that will provide you with ease for weight loss and other fitness programs. But, how far will this plan work? How much do you need to invest in it? How can you get into this plan? Let us answer all this in the following sessions.

Total gym fit is a fitness plan from the United States that includes fitness plans, gym equipment, and proper diet. Total gym fit offers you a monthly plan for your overall fitness experience. Let us look into more details to see how it works, what people say about this, is this legit?

What is a total gym fit?

The Total Gym FIT is the newest model in their line-up. It is also one of the most excellent versions, second only to their commercial-grade gym, the Total Gym GTS. 

The most significant differences between the different available models boil down to a few key factors:

  • Number of exercises available
  • Levels of resistance
  • Weight capacity
  • Additional features

We’ll go into each of these in a little more detail regarding the Total gym fit reviews, but looking at these 4 factors should help you compare the different Total Gyms against each other. 

Generally speaking, the more expensive models have higher weight capacities, offer more exercises, have more resistance levels, and include more add-ons.

1.    The number Of Exercises Available: The Total Gym FIT claims that you can perform over 85 different exercises on this system. We will not list everyone here because that would be silly, but Total Gym includes a workout book that lists all of the available possible exercises. They also throw in some workout DVDs.

2.   Levels Of Resistance: The Total Gym FIT offers 12 different levels of adjustable resistance. Recall that resistance is adjusted by adjusting the height of the base. The higher you set the resting angle of the ground, the higher the percentage of your bodyweight you are fighting against gravity.

3.   Weight Capacity: The FIT has a max weight capacity of 450 lb. This is significantly more than the cheaper models that are in the 250-275 lb range. The XLS has a 400 lb weight limit. The GTS has an insane weight capacity of 650 lb.


4.   No Assembly: one of the most significant features of the Total Gym series is that they are ready to go right out of the box. There is no assembly required. Technically you have to unfold it and secure it, but that doesn’t count as an assembly. Open the box, and you are exercising in minutes.

Let us go to the features and then the total gym fit reviews section. 

What are the Features of this exercise plan?

  • Ab crunch accessory- this piece can be purchased separately and added to other models, but it’s included with the Fit (sold separately, it goes for about $170)
  • two-piece wing attachment- this more significant handle attachment gives you access to more exercises and pulls up variations; it’s longer to offer an added range of motion and comfort
  • Heavier duty squat stand & it’s the main USP as per the Total gym fit reviews & feedback by the users.
  • 2 ankle straps with detachable leg bracket for performing a wide array of leg exercises
  • 6 workout DVDs with varying levels of difficulty depending on fitness level
  • Exercise guide that can attach to stand of the Fit for reference during use
  • Full exercise Chart

The Total Gym FIT does come with a lot of nice stuff. As you might expect, as the cost of the machine goes up, they throw in more additional features. 

All the information you need to get up and going with your new gym is included, and several examples of workouts you can do. Let us see its cost and total gym fit reviews. 

At what cost can you get it?

The total gym fit is one of their most friendly home versions and is, without a doubt, a great home gym machine.


But there’s no getting around the fact that this gym is expensive. The total retail price of this machine is well over $2000. On sale, it goes for somewhere in the $1600-$1700 range.

If you’re willing to take a chance, you can buy used machines on Amazon for about half that price, but you may not receive all of the attachments and additional features like you would if purchasing new ones. 

Consider the fact, however, that this is the only piece of exercise equipment you would need. For comparison’s sake, if you purchased a decent power rack, you would have to spend at least $1000. And then you would have to invest in the barbell and weight plates separately.

Or, if you went with a more traditional home gym machine, you are also looking at around $1000 or so, and you wouldn’t be able to perform half the exercises you can with the Fit.

In the following sessions, we will see pros, cons, and total gym fit reviews. 


  • 85 different exercises
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • 450 lb max user weight
  • No assembly required
  • Gentle on joints
  • Great for toning and stretching
  • Folds for storage
  • It comes with a ton of extras


  • Price is very high
  • Not great for bulking up

What is Total gym fit reviews/legit?


Numerous people from the United States used this exercise plan; they say this is a legit business. 

Also, they share their experience over the web. Many people say that its price is a bit high, except this, everything is OK with this. They share their happiness of getting weight loss, getting fit by these easy methods. 

In addition to this, giving a proper diet is a big deal. They keep an eye on you whether you are following it or not. If you are very keen on getting fit, this might fit you. 


As team have seen all the details & Total gym fit reviews, it seems like this is a legit fitness program. Also, studies reveal that customers are happy with their exercise and diet plans which gave them an easy way to shed their extra pounds. 

Are you having any doubts regarding this? Mention us in the comment section below. 


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