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Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam

If you want to know the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam, this article is for you. Though it is one of the newest serials being broadcasted lately, it got immense popularity and following in a lesser time. 

It would be an exaggeration to say that Rishi and Vasu are becoming the most admired couple in Telugu states. The prime timing of the serial is also one of the reasons for being famous. 

The way characters show their emotions in these serials is making everyone fall for it. 

What is today’s episode about?

In Saturday’s episode, we have seen that there is nothing much exciting. The whole episode is about a heated argument between Vasudhara and Devayani. 

Also, we heard Dharani suggesting her sneaky mother-in-law calm down, as her furiousness may result in something terrible to her, as a boom rang coming back. As Rishi is not available at home, Vasudhara headed toward the college.

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Meanwhile, when Rishi enters college, he sees Jagathi breaking down in her husband’s arms, Mahindra. It makes Rishi mad, as he didn’t like his father caring about his mother. As he moved towards his cabin angrily, he instructed the office assistant to call the Faculty head, which in his thinking is Jagathi.

With this hint, we cannot easily guess what may happen in the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam. You don’t even expect that; it will be one of the serial’s emotional episodes until now. 

What made today’s episode so emotional?

Rishi is very much uncompromising about his parent’s closeness in college. While Jagati walks into Rishi’s cabin fearfully, Rishi shouts at her without watching his words.

He asks Jagati not to turn this college into a park and not show her bond with Mahindra as husband-wife relation to all the students. 

While Jagati breaks down at Rishi’s harsh words, Mahindra enters the cabin and screams at Rishi. We have always seen Rishi and Mahindra, as an exquisite father-son relationship. 


But in today’s episode, Mahindra loses his cool and yells at Rishi for his bad behavior with Jagati. He says, ‘If you don’t want to call Jagati a mom, it’s ok. But she is my wife, and I will be treating the same.’

Then, Mahindra leaves the room with Jagati. Rishi has never experienced this kind of anger from his father. But he yelled on him now, that too for Jagati. It makes Rishi annoyed to the core, and he seems upset deeply by all these situations. 

What happens between Vasu and Rishi?

While Rishi is dismayed in the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam because of Jagati, Vasu enters his cabin to ask him to look at the project work. 

Rishi refuses promptly, asking her to leave. Not knowing the situation, Vasu tries to give her two minutes and examine the project. 

Already annoyed, Rishi gets more annoyed. As a result, he throws away all the project papers off the table while screaming at Vasudhara that she doesn’t even know to understand others’ moods. 


Though surprised by Rishi’s frantic behavior, Vasudhara leaves the room with tears in her eyes. 


At the end of the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam, all of the main characters are seen as disappointed. And tears in Jagati’s and Vasu’s eyes because of Rishi’s behavior saddens the episode. So let us know what happens in the next episode. 


Are Rishi and Vasu a husband-wife in real life?

They have acted together in many Kannada serials and are also known as the best serial couple.

Is Guppedantha Manasu a Telugu dubbed Kannada serial?

No, it is an original Telugu serial. But all the main characters, including Rishi, Vasu, and Jagati, are from the Kannada serial industry.


What is Guppedantha manasu serial timing?

It is telecasted at 7 pm daily on Star maa channel. It can also be watched on Disney+ Hotstar anytime. If you have a subscription, you can watch the Guppedantha Manasu serial episode in samayam before the actual timing.

Who is playing the role of Devayani?

At first glance, you might have had a feeling of ‘I have seen her somewhere before’ when you see Devayani. The hero’s mother, she is Mirchi Madhavi, has played a prominent role in the movie 100% love.

Is Sai Kiran a singer and actor?

Sai Kiran is a leading character in this serial, playing the role of Mahindra. He is a movie, serial actor, and singer, known well in both the Telugu states. It is a must-watch episode if you are a regular watcher. So, let’s see what happens in the guppedantha manasu serial today episode in samayam. 


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