What Was the First among Us Map

Check out What Was the First among Us Map? Till now there are total three maps released by the Innersloth, see the first map how it looks.

Do you ever think about What Was the First among Us Map? This article will cover all the details and information about the first map of the “Among us.” This online video game was first introduced in 2018. However, during the pandemic, this game clinches popularity among the users and is still on the top trending online video game.


The game is developed by the Innersloth developers of the United States, there are several version of its has been released yet, and all of them are hit. So, without further ado, let’s start the article by and know about the first map of among us.

What is Among us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game, which is also a social derivation game in which the players need to discover the swindler. The game is created and distributed by American game studio Innersloth, and it was delivered on fifteenth June 2018. With a space-themed setting where the game happens, the players need to take on one of two jobs, the more significant part of them being Crewmates and the rest – Impostors. Keep perusing to realize what amount does Among Us costs on Switch.

What was the First among Us Map?

The game is based on the crewmates in a spaceship that does various activities and performs actions. There are a total of three maps that the developers have introduced till now that is:

  • Skeld
  • Polus
  • Mira HQ

These maps are different and have their value; few like to play in Polus map or few in Skeld or Mira. The players can choose the map as per their match and likes.

Map Description:

Below you will get the answer of What was the First among Us Map as you will get to understand the pros and cons of all three maps.

Skeld map

It is the first-ever map of the Among us and considered as one of the best. Still, several players loved to play on this map. The reason is that it is wide and has spaces. The imposters can use the vents to reach one place to another easily. 

The cons of this map were the vents are organized into small, localized vent networks, which prevents the imposters from jumping.

Mira map

This map was introduced in 2019, all the locations and launch pads were updated. It is totally different from other maps, Hallways and other rooms were added, but the greenhouse and office were removed.

Polus map

Polus is the second biggest guide map in Among Us, the first being The Airship. The Airship has not been delivered at this point, so one can, in any case, allude to Polus as the most significant guide. Polus is the solitary guide without the cafeteria, as The Skeld and MIRA HQ both have it. The office supplanted the cafeteria. Polus is like The Skeld in that it has surveillance cameras and a wide rambling format.


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