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Why no johnny cage in mortal kombat

Do you love to watch Hollywood movies? Did you hear about Johnny’s Character? Do you love to enjoy Johnny’s cage presence in the film? Today with this article, we will guide you on why no johnny cage in mortal kombat in detail.

Every character has its personality traits, acting, action scenes. The article will explain why the absence of Johnny cage in the new mortal kombat movie makes so many fans sad and disappointed. 


Johnny cage was first introduced in the franchise, and fans never enjoyed the movie without his presence in the film. It has played a great place in the games and series. 

Let’s understand the reason behind this in detail &Why no johnny cage in mortal kombat?

Who is Johny Cage?

Johnny Cage is a famous character in the United States. He is the most renowned fighter in the series. It first appeared in the game series way back in the year 1992.  


It is noted that it is best characterized by his relationship with the special force soldier Sonya blade. He is straightforward and an excellent fighter and has appeared in many video games in the United States.

About Mortal Kombat?

It is a 2021 American fantasy movie that revolves around Scorpion seeking revenge on those who murdered his family. On another side, Sonya’s blade tries to save the Earthrealm from the outworld. The movie was based on a video game franchise. The story starts with the 17th century in which Joe Taslim’s Bi-Han, which later becomes Sub Zero, murder his wife and the son of the last surviving Shirai Ryu warrior Hanzo Hasashi. Bi-Han then kills Hasashi. But his baby girl survives.

Now coming to the 21st century Cole Young (Lewis Tan) lives with his daughter and wife and had a dragon mark on his chest where Jax approached Jax, who lives with Soniya where they are trying to save the Earthrealm from the outworld. Justice is done to every character, and that surprises the fan. Music is also good. You will love the music of this movie. Continue to read the full article.

Why no johnny cage in mortal kombat?


Kano replaced Johnny cage in the Kombat movie. The producer has decided not to take Johnny in the mortal kombat movie. There are so many reasons behind this. First, his face is similar to the kano. Secondly, he is a big personality; he needs his own spare time as well. It is not an easy task for the producer as well. But they are thinking of taking this character in the next sequel.

Johnny fans are dissatisfied with the decision and are not giving good reviews to the movie also. 

Cast Information in the Movie?

Director of the movieSimon McQuoid
Movie CastCole Young (Lewis Tan), Sonya Blade (Jessica Mcnamee), Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada), & Sub Zero (Joe Taslim). 
Released date of the movie was23rd April on HBO Max

Audience reaction on “why no johnny cage in the mortal kombat?”

We have spent a lot of time and effort on various websites, and we have found that we have received mixed reactions from the customers where some have given a good rating, and some are not.


The movie was released in the theatre, and the movie has crossed $50 million worldwide. Some fans are very frustrated and annoyed not to take the character in the film.

The movie has rated 6.6 out of 10 as per IMDB, and other Metacritic and rotten tomatoes are giving 44% and 56% score. The overall average rating of the movie is 5.5


In the end, we can say that yet Johnny cage is a great personality and worldwide famous star in Hollywood movies, but his absence will surely disappoint many fan followings. We hope that the producer will take this character in the next upcoming sequel movie. But we are not sure about it.

Why no Johnny cage in mortal kombat? Has this quest affected your enjoyment and interest in the movie? Are you looking to watch Johnny cage in the upcoming sequel? Please share your views in the comment box.


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