Why Should You Emigrate To Cape Verde?


In recent years, Cape Verde has become a middle-income country despite its lack of substantial natural resources. Its key source of income is the activation of its professional skills and remittances, as well as the human, financial, and other resources and capacities of its diaspora.


In the Republic of Cabo Verde, emigration has been a long-standing tradition. A current estimate indicates that there are twice as many Cabo Verdeans living abroad than there are in their own country. The majority of them live in the United States and Europe. OK technologies can help you relocate to Cape Verde and build your own digital business there.

With more immigrants arriving in Cabo Verde recently, the situation has changed. The Cabo Verdean government is working to address this dilemma. The insights we’ll be sharing in the paragraphs that follow may potentially help some of the hearty immigrants among you discover a whole new universe.

How to become a Cape Verdean citizen?


Some requirements must be met in order to become a citizen of Cape Verde: the applicant must have lived there for at least five years. Citizenship may be conferred to a person without regard to residency if they make a sizable investment in Cape Verde.

Efficient and regulated Cape Verdean practices

Due to Cape Verde’s nature as a “banana republic,” accepting bribes isn’t a good idea. In contrast, officials, especially those at customs, have zero tolerance for this. The Cape Verdean authorities view themselves as employees of a constitutional state, so every action has a proper protocol. That makes living in Europe sound very familiar.


Even if all conditions are met and all forms have been submitted, it shouldn’t be a surprise that obtaining a residency permit or purchasing land can take many years. Friendships or long-standing connections are the only things that can speed up the procedure. Zen Buddhists are the only ones who seem to be safe in this sense, as only patience and tranquillity are helpful. If you’re planning a relocation to Cape Verde, you need to know about the country‚Äôs traditions and culture, the cost of living, and how to get around.

Law and order of Cape Verde


The police, who stand in for the executive branch, however, take their jobs so seriously. It is challenging to avoid having suspicion about your intentional deception. It isn’t always more convenient to be a non-resident. Police presence and professionalism are both rather high. They think that practically every car passing is worthwhile for a thorough investigation.


A punishment of roughly 10 euros is likely for the careless party if the warning triangle is absent. Unfortunately, the government’s lack of an information policy and the zeal of its police force are at odds. Laws are difficult to access and change exactly as frequently as in European nations.

The cost of living in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is one of the most affordable places to live in Europe. It has a $695 cost of living, which is 1.34 times less costly than the global average. In terms of cost of living, Cape Verde came in at number 121 out of 197 nations and was rated as the 130th best place to live. In Cape Verde, the average monthly take-home pay after taxes is $320, which is sufficient to pay for living expenses for 0.5 months.

How to pay a traffic ticket In Cape Verde?


The next section also provides instructions on how to collect a traffic ticket on the island. Avoid delaying payment because the car will be seized if you don’t make it in 20 days. So, pay it by doing what is described below:

  • A form must be obtained from the city hall, a special stamp must be obtained for it,
  • The form must be filled out, the stamp must be applied,
  • The form must be stamped at the tax office,
  • It must be taken to the bank,
  • The cash payment must be made, which takes an average of two agonizing hours, and
  • It must be returned in person to the police station with all of the other stamped paperwork.


If you still have your heart set on moving to Cape Verde, keep in mind that getting involved in civic affairs there is one of the simpler tasks. You can learn how to become a citizen now. The fact that we devoted an additional chapter to this subject is obvious given how intricate Cape Verde’s government structure is.

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