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Imagine if there were no streaming platforms invented before this lockdown. How would mankind have survived those long dreary, dull days? In this article, we are here to guide you through www.urbanflixtv.com activate the process to make your life more accessible than it ever was.

Many new streaming platforms are coming up in the United States, and the competition in the market is stiff. Today every user has a subscription to at least one of these platforms on their television or smartphones. The services provided on these platforms are improving every day and are a great source of entertainment.

What is UrbanflixTV?


TheUrbanflixTV is a live streaming service platform and a subsidiary of the AMC network. It was launched in 2015. To avail of its services, the user needs to buy a subscription for $3.99 a month. The user can also examine out the services for seven days for free using a trial subscription option.

The user can also buy the annual subscription package at just $39.99 and get 2 months of free usage. It is available on all devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV.

How to go about www.urbanflixtv.com activate services?

The user can avail of the services of UrbanflixTV and watch any content without much hassle on Amazon fire TV or just any conventional television. It can be done using the UrbanflixTV Amazon channel, Android app, or Roku channel.


By following the steps below, you can very easily activate the services:

  • Start by adding the UrbanflixTV Roku channel to your Roku or the UrbanflixTV android app to your Android TV. If you have Amazon fireTV, then add the UrbanflixTV amazon channel to it.
  • Open the respective channel you added on the television / Roku present with you. Then click on the SIGN IN option available.
  • This action will lead to the generation of an activation code.
  • Now, use a different device, preferably a mobile phone or a laptop/computer. Now visit the Activation page and log in to proceed with the steps further.
  • The activation code you received earlier from the android TV app/ amazon channel/Roku channel needs to be entered.
  • Click activate after entering the code.
  • The UrbanflixTV channel should easily activate now, and you have all access to it to enjoy and watch the content you want.

What are user reviews?

We did meticulous research on how the users acknowledged the services provided by them, and we got a diverse response. For example, some customers were dissatisfied with the user interface. One customer was disgruntled on finding no new episodes but just old shows. Some complained about not watching any movies as they didn’t load, and he could not get to the customer services to complain about the issue. 


Apart from these negative views, some users were happy with the services they provided. They appreciated the www.urbanflixtv.com activate guide as user-friendly and easy to use. However, with so much competition in the streaming business, they need to work harder to put on an ace game.

Is the company legit?

Based on immense user responses found in the United States and research on our part, we can very assuredly claim it to be safe to use and subscribe to. With numerous responses on the app store, the app’s rating stands at a solid 4.3/5, which is a positive outcome. We even calculated its safety score, and for the app, the score was 89.8/100. 

All of this data gives us enough information for us to declare the app legitimate. We even calculated its legitimacy score, and it came out to be a solid 89.8/100. 



People today locked at their houses are relying on these online streaming platforms for their mode of entertainment. These platforms keep users glued to the screen for hours. With so much competition out there, it is essential to be on an A-Game to rule the market. Every day these apps are introducing new features to please the users and keep them engaged. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a simple and easy www.urbanflixtv.com activate user guide.

I will recommend doing some research before selecting an online streaming platform and comparing the rates and services they provide.

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