Xtraincom.com Legit

In this article, we will go about the xtraincom.com legit. Who doesn’t get excited when we are getting to earn by sitting at home? This pandemic created more demand for this type of income. Then you must know about a platform that will give you money by doing easy work. One such website is xtraincom.com.

Everyone wants to do a little work to fill their pockets and use it for their luxury right. This website is trending among the youth of the United States for providing them money if they play online games. Who will miss the chance if you benefit from just playing a game and doing known work? So, let us see if we can trust this platform and invest our time or it is something that wastes our time.

What is xtraincom.com?

It is an online venture that will pay you to maintain their blog, promote their travel agency, and teach online. We all want money from any source, whether it is a business or a 9-5 job. 

But these type of online sites that promise us to provide money seems near impossible right. Most of the time, we end up facing pop-up advertisements, links that take us to irritating websites, and a bunch of emails that are scams.

Most of the things of this sort that we come across are a scam. But it is believed by most people in recent times. So let us get started to know Xtraincom.com legit.



In this section, we will see the basic details of the site.

  • You can access the website here: https://xtraincom.com/.
  • Contact information: Not available anywhere on the website:
  • Email address: ask@xtraincom.com
  • Contact number: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment methods: You will get paid through Paypal only.
  • Things that need to be done: Writing content for their blog posts, promoting their travel agencies over social media, being a mentor to their online courses, shipping, and trading.
  • Things that you will get in return: You may get cash directly to your PayPal account, you may get a PayPal gift card, You may get an amazon gift card or a shopping coupon. Or you may get game coins which can be converted into cash by playing those games.
  • Their partners: Capitan Extra, Xtra Veggies from the United States.
  • You may receive your payment within 10 business days.

This venture’s main aim is to build and promote their website and the courses they offer. They offer you work in this regard so that you can earn from home.

Pros of Inbox dollars:

  • Cash will be credit into your account directly.
  • Tasks are easy if you have the relevant skill. Like content writing for blog work, teaching for mentor work.
  • There is no entry fee, so the login and application process is so easy.
  • You can earn a lot of money on the verge of your fingertips.

Cons of Inbox dollars:

  • It will take a lot of your time in a day to complete the required task.
  • There will be a pre-survey in the website dashboard that decides whether you qualify for the work or not. This may not seem easy.
  • And it is a time waste if that shows you are not qualified to take the actual test.
  • Earnings are not so high. They are a bit low.

Is Xtraincom.com legit?


Beforehand, these types of sites are not trustable. They always mislead us to irrelevant somewhere. 

Instead of payment, some of these websites will ask you to pay a little money as a processing fee with a word that you will get that back when you earn from websites.

But in the case of this venture, there is nothing like this which we can call suspicious.

What do people say about this?


There are no reviews or ratings available on their website. But there are few testimonials from people over the web. Reviews are positive if they are concerned and people admit that their experience is good and they earned money.

Final verdict

If the question about Xtraincom.com legit comes,this website holds a trust score of 65%, which is good to say that the website is reliable. Also, there are no negative reviews from the workers who had worked for the website. But it is a suggestion to make sure your privacy is safe before you proceed. 

Would you please share with us what do you think about this?


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