10 best reasons to visit Bali

Situated in the Indonesian territory, Bali is a part of 13,000 strong islands that make up the world’s largest island country. Ever since the 1980s tourism started to rise here, and it has been growing steadily ever since. And it is not hard to understand why as it is truly a paradise.

This cultural hub is a land where the traditional and the modern aspects of life blend effortlessly. This makes Bali holiday packages extremely popular. There is plenty of history as well as natural beauty all around. Speaking of natural beauty, Bali is also part of the Coral Triangle. This makes it popular for water-based outdoor activities. There is truly something for everyone here. With so much on offer, we have compiled a list of the 10 best reasons to visit Bali. Let’s dive in:

  1. Amazing Cuisine
  2. Astounding beaches and Surfing
  3. Incredible Waterfalls
  4. Templed and Religious traditions
  5. Wildlife
  6. Mountains and Hiking
  7. The islands nearby
  8. Shopping
  9. Beach Clubs
  10. Fantastic eco-friendly accommodations

1. Amazing Cuisine:

Bali is undoubtedly the place to go if you are a foodie. An added advantage of the cuisine available at Bali is that there are plenty of Vegan options on offering as well. Most establishments use their own produce so you are always treated to the freshest of foods. The advantage of dining at such places is that not only are you treated to spectacular cuisine but you also do your bit for the local community. Bali cuisine uses diverse, flavour-rich ingredients which make the prepared dishes a treat. There are plenty of cooking schools that cater to those who want to master the art of local cuisine. What’s nice about the food scene in Bali is the fact that you can eat well even if you are on a budget. Just drop by into one of the several “ Warungs ”. With food options that challenge even the most upmarket of restaurants, you will certainly not miss out on much. Appetizing cuisine is certainly one of the best reasons to visit Bali.

2. Astounding beaches and Surfing:

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Given its location, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Bali has some of the best beaches on the planet. This alone makes it one of the best reasons to visit Bali. One can choose from options like – Nusa Dua, Uluwatu or Jimbaran. All of these beaches offer pristine white sands and azure waters. It is advisable to consult the locals as they can guide to some of the best-hidden beaches which aren’t found on any guide or website. Of course, watersports and beaches go hand-in-hand and Bali is no exception.

Bali is famed all over the world for being a surfer’s paradise. Some of the options worth visiting if you are a novice are – Canggu, Seminyak, or Jimbaran. The more advanced surfers can head to Uluwatu which offers more of a challenge. If you are new to surfing then lessons and equipment can be easily arranged for on the beaches.

3. Incredible Waterfalls:

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Nature lovers can rejoice at Bali, for there is no shortage of pretty foliage anywhere you look. A prime feature present among this expanse of foliage is waterfalls. Bali has many waterfalls to choose from. It wouldn’t be wrong then to say that people come to Bali to chase waterfalls.


Some of the best options worth visiting are – Banyumala, Aling Aling, and Sekumpul. If your accommodation is located near Ubud then do visit the Tinumana waterfall. The most popular waterfall here undoubtedly has to be the Tegenungan. However, owing to its popularity this is also a crowd magnet. So, plan your schedule accordingly.

4. Temples and Religious traditions:

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Bali is a world-renowned religious destination. People from all over the world come here in search of untroubled tranquility and often find it. Given its rich culture, there are also plenty of rituals and traditions which are quite fascinating. This makes it one of the best reasons to visit Bali. All these factors make the temples and the religious practices here worth investing your time in. Some of the best temples that one should visit here are – Uln Danu Bertan temple, Tanah lot temple, and Uluwatu temple.

5. Wildlife:

Bali is a land that offers much more than meets the eye at first glance. Given the abundance of greenery that can be found here, it is no surprise that Bali is home to spectacular fauna as well. There are a variety of indigenous species of wildlife to be found here. Some of these species are – Bali Mynah, Balinese long-tailed monkey, etc.

Do visit the Ubud monkey forest to see these animals up close and get some great pictures. In addition to all of the wildlife that can be found on land, one can also find a variety of sea life. So, do venture out into the waters and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful hidden world.

6. Mountains and Hiking:


There is plenty to do in Bali if you are an adventure enthusiast. Many adventure enthusiasts will swear by Bali for offering some of the best trails to hike on. And this certainly is true as there are plenty of options to choose from. The best options that you should definitely look at are – Mount Batur, West Bali National Park, Sambangan nature hike.

The more novice hikers out there can look at the Campuhan ridge walk situated at Ubud. The views from the tops at many of these destinations are incredibly gorgeous.

7. The islands nearby:

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The beautiful turquoise waters are not only home to coral reefs and exotic fishes but also to picturesque islands. Any visitor should definitely make some plans in their itinerary to explore these islands. Some options worth exploring are – the Nusa islands, the Gill islands. The Nusa islands are closest to Bali and offer quite a lot worth seeing. Some of the attractions here include – cliff jumping locations, good surf locations, and so on. The Gill islands are particularly popular for diving. There is an abundance of marine life and coral reefs here.

8. Shopping:


For those who like retail therapy, Bali is a treasure trove. The markets here cater to all budgets – be it big or small. Having said that, there are plenty of malls to choose from too. But the best deals can only be enjoyed in the street markets. Some of the mandatory spots to check out are – Ubud market, Kuta market, Garlic lane. Kuta market is particularly famous for artworks and has plenty of museums in its vicinity too. The Garlic lane is a shopping street by day and transforms into a night market post sundown. Those interested in handicrafts should visit the Tegallaland village.

9. Beach Clubs:

Beach clubs are one place in Bali that everyone goes to. Beach clubs can be visited at any time of the week and always make for a good experience. Some of the best options worth checking out here are – Finns in Canggu, Potato Head in Seminyak, Sunday Beach Club in Uluwatu. Some of the newer options like Omnia are single-handedly raising the standards all around. Beach clubs are also venues for some interesting events like digital nomad get-togethers and so on.

10.               Fantastic eco-friendly accommodations:

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Bali has some of the most unique accommodation options that one can find. Many of these options are not only well equipped with modern amenities but are environmentally conscious. An upside to these options is that they don’t break the bank. In addition to all that, these resorts are not only friendly to their surroundings but also to your mental health and well-being. Some unique options worth looking at are – Maya Ubud Resort and Spa, Five elements Bali resort, and Alchemist treehouse among others.

We hope our list of the 10 best reasons to visit Bali helps you plan an enjoyable journey. And if not, we suggest you check out Pickyourtrail. We offer you the best deals and offers on travel packages. You can customize your itinerary to your liking. Our travel agents assist you at every step of your journey so that you have a hassle-free journey. We wish you happy travels.


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