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338canada down? You must be aware of the upcoming elections by the incumbent prime minister, Justin Trudeau. It was an attempt to gain majority government but, the conditions are not favoring them as the liberal may get even lesser seats this time.

It is a global event and, many countries like the United States, Canada are keenly interested to know what’s coming next. 338Canada is a website that shows demographic data for federal vote projections. In this article, we will discuss this website and how reliable is it?

What is 338canada?

338canada was founded by P.J.Fournier, in 2017 as a news and media website. It gives information regarding politics, news updates, election polls and mainly focuses on electoral projections. 

The projections are according to essential aspects like opinion polls of the particular country’s people, the country’s election history, and other demographic data


He is a physics professor at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal and works as a political columnist for Maclean’s and L’actualité magazines. He has contributed to the political analyses for many brands like Noovo, CTV Montreal and spoke on several election campaigns on radio. 

He is also the creator of Qc125. He manages all the work on the website and its services and takes full responsibility for all the content posted.

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P.J.Fournier is quite active on social media and regularly updates his followers with new content. We would suggest our readers refer to these social media links for more information:

  • Twitter: @338Canada
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  • Reddit: /u/Qc125
  • Email: info [at] Qc125 [dot] com

Is 338canada down?


P.J.Fournier has posted a new update regarding the upcoming elections in Canada. He posted about it on all his social media handles and detailed it on his website 338canada. According to his federal vote projections, CPC is at 33.8%, LPC 31.5%, NDP 29.9%, BQ is at 6.2%, GPC is at 4.1%, and PPC is at 3.7%. 

The maximum number of seats required for majority government is 170 and, CPC is supposed to get more than 145. You may notice that LPC and CPC are at close range and overlap at certain places. It signifies that even though the liberals are in the lead, the Conservatives have an equal chance. 

The website was down for some time but, you can reach them on QC125. It is the same domain but in french. They have promised to fix the technical issues as soon as possible. 

You can visit the official website to get a detailed knowledge of the analysis done by him. You can go through many criteria, like federal vote projections, seat projections, odds of winning the most seats, and regional distribution. 


These might not be completely reliable because it is not the final judgment of the people but just an analysis done by various methodologies.

Reviews for 338canada.com

It is a highlighted domain as P.J.Fournier has passed a projection for the most controversial event on it. Thousands of people from various countries like the United States, Canada are analyzing his judgment. There are plenty of comments on social media handles. 

People have been debating over the polls and supporting their parties. The polls entice people and make them cautious about the upcoming elections to help them make a better decision as a voter.

Is 338canada down? Yes! It was a disappointment for the people in such times of need but, they have provided another website, QC125, to stay updated. Fournier is regularly updating his social media with new content.


In the 2019 election, the winner was correctly identified in 299 of 338 districts by them. These projections have been on point and, though they are not 100% correct, their probability is high. Please visit the social media handles to get a better insight into the reviews by the people.


Some people may try to bring 338canada down but, the polls are highly significant for the people. It has been a great source of information during elections. The website has various other services as well and, we would recommend our readers to visit the website and surf through the options available. 

The homepage has many blogs and other options that you can read.

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