7 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Herbal Teas

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Sipping a hot cup of tea instantly lifts fatigue and brings a sense of calm on a hectic day. More and more people are switching to herbal teas worldwide to benefit from this zero-calorie drink. When you start your day with herbal tea, your skin also gains from the tea blend’s anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Herbal tea is rich in oxidants and can be applied topically to treat premature wrinkles, sunburns, puffy eyes, and dry skin. Black, green and red tea helps improve your hair and skin health and appearance. These teas are a suitable substitute for your sugary drinks and provide you with a health boost as well. Let us find out the hidden beauty benefits of herbal brews.                 

Delays Skin Aging

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The free radicals in black tea delay the skin’s aging process—Splash black tea on your face to replenish your dull skin instantly. Brew the black tea and let it cool down to combat inflamed skin. Refrigerate it for a couple of minutes and apply it to your face to get a soothing effect. 

Kratom tea is a new buzz in the beauty industry. It is known to promote healing due to its anti-inflammatory potentials. Red Vein Bali Kratom tea can show anti-oxidative properties and play a significant role in reversing skin damage. Browse the internet to get a list of the additional benefits of red borneo kratom to get your hands on the best Kratom products. 

Brings Shine To Dull Complexion And Hair

Brewed tea helps in treating many skin and hair conditions. Green tea not only allows you to stay healthy but is also a popular ingredient for skincare. Green tea is a good skin exfoliator that can be applied as a face mask. 

It also reduces excess sebum production and brings shine to the face. When used as a hair wash, green tea tannins add luster.


Are you struggling with dandruff and hair loss? Lavender tea’s cooling properties help to reduce skin infections, hair loss, and tames dandruff.

Treats Tanned and Pigmented Skin

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Melanin substance provides color to the skin. The difference in melanin levels can lead to discolored skin patches. While you may consult a dermatologist for treatment, you can count on ginger tea to treat such skin imperfections. Ginger tea can help to cure tanned and pigmented skin and reduce uneven skin tone. It also boosts blood circulation in the scalp and helps to reduce hair fall. 

Oolong tea is another potential herbal tea. The antioxidants help remove toxins from your skin, hence reducing age spots. It also shields your skin from the pigmentation caused by harmful UV rays.  

Detoxifies Skin

A detox with teas brings you internal cleansing benefits. Drinking herbal teas like green tea often helps to cleanse your skin, liver, and kidneys and makes you feel good. It also improves your sleep and keeps you energized throughout the day.


Consider sipping detox cleansing teas like milk thistle tea, dandelion tea, cayenne pepper tea, or cilantro tea for its cleansing effects on your liver, digestive system and prevention of toxin build-up. What is good for your liver is good for your skin, so incorporate herbal teas in your diet plan to energize your skin’s beauty.

Reduces Under Eye Bags

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A black or green tea bag is easy on the eyes and an inexpensive home remedy to reduce puffiness and promote relaxation. Under-eye dilated blood vessels can cause dark circles. Holding a cold tea bag over the area can narrow the blood vessels and decrease swelling. Caffeine in tea bags has antioxidants to stimulate blood circulation around the eyes.         

Boil two refrigerated tea bags in water. Allow them to cool, then place a tea bag on each eye to get a cooling effect.

Moisturizes Dry Skin


Drinking some kinds of tea is good to stay active. Some teas have skin benefits too. Polyphenols in green tea hydrate dry skin, particularly in eczema-prone areas. Chamomile tea also helps relieve dry skin and treat skin rashes from constant itching.     

Women who wish to limit their caffeine intake can drink Rooibos tea, red tea. It has soothing ingredients like zinc and alpha hydroxy acid to help smooth dry skin.

Enhances Hair Color

Premature graying of hair is common in urban capitals. Hair coloring is becoming a frequent habit for white-collared staff. Salon dyes have chemicals that can harm your scalp, causing hair loss and a receding hairline. Herbal tea is a chemical-free alternative to dye your hair.

Herbal teas’ staining properties help add color to naturally blonde hair. Black tea bags come of help in darkening gray hair naturally. Practice hair oiling frequently to minimize dryness.                  

The Bottom Line

Along with herbal beauty treatment, drink herbal tea regularly to allow your skin and hair to soak in the benefits. Start your day with an herbal tea brew, or take it after midday or as a warmup before dinner to experience beauty benefits.


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