Looking to >> activate Then, you do not need to worry. You will get complete details about this, along with all the methods of activation with clear steps. There are two ways to activate your best buy credit card online, that too very easily. Read the steps below, and follow the better one that suits you.

There are several credit cards in the United States that different companies and ventures issue. But, how about getting a credit card from an online business store? It would help us and give a lot of discounts while we buy our things from the right – one of the intelligent ways to save money.

If you think like this, then best buy can be an excellent option to go for. If you are thinking of getting, or have obtained the card already, know how to activate it.

What is a best buy credit card?

Before knowing how to activate, let us see what this credit is about?

Best buy is a very famous online selling business, which is 22-year-old. It sells every item starting from groceries to electronic devices. In short, it is an all-in-one store to complete your home and family.

They ship to all parts of the country and are known to be quality service providers. 

There is a valuable aspect with this store: it provides a credit card by collaborating with Citi bank. Though the credit card’s name remains the best buy credit card, you can use it for all of your other transactions like any other credit card.

In addition to this, it will offer you many financing benefits to improve your credit score, and mainly a lot of discounts and benefits on every item you shop for.

In all ways, it is an excellent way to make a good saving. 

How to activate

There are two ways to proceed to activate your card online. But before you know them, you should make sure that you have received the new best buy card and kept it in handy with you because you need to enter the 16 digit credit card number in the process of activation. 

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The first one – is by making a call to their toll-free number in the United States at 1-888-574-1301.

Once you call them, their customer care agent will ask you to tell them your card details along with the CVV and your details.

In an hour or two, they will activate your card. After they confirm that your details linked with the card are correct, they will process the remaining activation procedure.

The Second one – If you want to complete this activation process yourself, you can do that by visiting the Citi bank activation web portal for best buy.

Follow these steps to complete your activation:

  • Click on ‘activate new best buy card’ to start the process. 
  • Now, firstly, enter your 16-digit credit card number.
  • Then, you need to enter your name as written on the card.
  • After that, your 3-digit security code. 
  • Tap on ‘verify’ to complete the process.

Once they check if the information you entered matches or not, they will activate your card shortly. 

It is also necessary to know all of its benefits right so that you can’t miss any! Let us have a look at them.

First Savings Credit Card?

How can you get financing benefits from the best buy card?

Here is the list of advancements that this card provides you once you complete activation at activate

  • Apart from discounts, it will provide you with limited-time financing for your orders.
  • It offers 12-month financing for orders above $299.
  • It offers 18-month financing for orders above $499.
  • It offers 24-month financing for orders above $499.
  • They offer 24-month financing for geek squad purchases totalling up to $499.
  • Another considerable benefit is cashback.
    • You will get a cashback of 1% on each order.
    • You get 2% on dining and grocery purchases.
    • You get 3% in fuel purchases.
    • Also, there is a 5% monthly cashback for visa card members, where they will get 5% of their total transactions back in their account.
  • Now, the exciting concept is gift points. For your every purchase with this best buy credit card, you will be getting reward points, whose some will give you gifts accordingly. For a purchase of $500, you will get 1250 points.

These are the main benefits when used, will save a good amount of money.


We have put up the two methods to activate, and also gave full details about the benefits of using this credit card.

If you still have any queries, please mention us in the comment section below. 





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