Activate Countermeasure Device Fortnite

In this article, you will be able to enlighten your knowledge on activate countermeasure device fortnite. If you have a few doubts about the process and want to participate in the program, you are at the right place. 

Fortnite is a gaming platform created by the United States that is popularly called Epic Games. Of late, Fortnite has been launching many gaming series under the name of Season 7. 

This season, especially in chapter 2 of the game, has introduced a very interesting concept of finding legendary quests from week 12th. If you have found all the three alien devices from the game, which are available and need to be searched in the secret parts of the game, you will be able to activate the countermeasure device.

In the next parts of the article, we will know how to use these codes and participate in this program.

What are the week 12 legendary quests?


As per Fortnite, week 12 has started from Aug 25, and quests are claimed before Sept 1.

Before saying how to activate countermeasure device fortnite, let us see what all the quests for this week are?

These are the six Quests that are kept in the game for this week:

  • Get Slone’s orders from a payphone (1 total)
  • Craft a weapon with Alien Nanites (1 total)
  • Destroy target dummies with IO weapons (4 total)
  • Search for books on explosions (2 total)
  • Deploy scanners in the Alien Biome (2 total)
  • Collect three Alien Devices, then activate the Countermeasure Device underneath Corny Complex (4 total)

Acquiring these quests will offer a good amount of XP – making them well worth the effort to complete before the next set arrives.

How to find the three alien devices?


You need to collect the three alien devices to activate the countermeasure device fortnite for this Fortnite legendary quest.

Let us now discuss the locations where you are getting the most searched devices:

First device: Handily, there are three dotted about the Fortnite map, with the first being located just south of Corny Complex on the other side of the river.

Second device: You can find the second alien device on the eastern side of the central alien biome – it lies roughly halfway between the biome and the nearest eastern abandoned settlement.


Third device: The third and final alien device is located near Scenic Spot, located north of Corny Complex. If you’re having trouble finding this alien device, head down to the road next to this landmark, and you’ll be sure to spot it!

How to activate countermeasure device fortnite?

Activating the Countermeasure Device in Fortnite is pretty easy; the problem, however, is that it’s located in the IO base beneath Corny Complex. It means you’ll have to either fight, avoid or run past some powerful NPCs to complete this challenge.

It’s a good idea to stock up shield potions, health restores, and grabs a good weapon or two before heading into the IO base so that you can defend yourself against both the NPCs and any other players.

You can enter the IO base by either using the stairs in the central barn, going through the door located in the cliffside near said barn, or using the porta-potties located in the Corny Complex farmhouse–­­­.


Once you go inside the base, you need to head to the room in the bottom left-hand corner on the lowest floor. Here you’ll find the Countermeasure Device and, to complete the challenge, all you have to do is interact with it.

It is for your information that new legendary quests will be introduced every Wednesday and are time-bounded.

And according to the country you live in, quest launching may differ. You can check the exact timing with the information given below. 

  • UK: 3pm (BST)
  • Europe: 4pm (CEST)
  • East Coast United States: 10am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 7am (PDT)


We believe that, in this article, you have got the information about how to activate countermeasure device fortnite, which is a significant quest series in season 7. Also, the locations of three alien devices are mentioned.

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