Activate Rift by purchasing from character

Activate Rift by purchasing from character? Tired of reading false way-out. No worries! You are in a legit place to find each detail. We researched a lot and prepared an analytical article to satisfy your game lover soul. The popularity is increasing, and people are also getting eager to know about all tricks, strategies, and hacks related to this game.

This article presents all details about Fortnite, ways to activate Rift, detailed info about Rift, all hidden facts of legendary Quest, and Epic Quest for a clear, insightful view. Please go through this article carefully to gain knowledge and become a Fortnite champion.

A short details of Fortnite:

After PUB-G and Roblox, Fortnite is breaking all records. Currently, this is the most top-ranked game among all online games. This game is a society survival game. You have to survive through the entire game to be a winner. Fortnite is a hard-core survival game.


Hundreds of players are facing each other for survival. This game is a Player vs. Player game. You can access this game in combat mode. There are four modes available in this game, which are:

  1. Battle Royale mode.
  2. Party Royale mode.
  3. Creative mode.
  4. Save the world mode.

We are coming with how to activate Rift by purchasing from character in our next segment. 

What is Rift and detailed info about the process?

A Rift is a mysterious object which is a spot on the royal battlefield in the fifth season. You always have to activate the Rift in the lazy lake location. Now we are describing a detailed background of the game in the upcoming section.  


The NPC in Fortnite is Sunny, who is smitten by the alien invaders. She thinks all humans are horrible, and she would gladly trade her human life to live among the aliens.

With these abductors still floating about and, well, still abducting players at random, this may be the only way out for Sunny. To secure the location of the abduction site, Sunny wants players to activate a rift after purchasing it from a character and get a better view of things. 

It would be best if you managed to complete the task and not only be rewarded with 30,000 experience points and get to witness an amazing view of the island from high above.

How to activate Rift by purchasing from character?


To complete the Fortnite challenge, you have to find a character on the island that sells a Rift, purchase it, and activate it.

Each Rift costs 245 gold bars. There are a total of three NPCs at the moment. We mentioned the names of three of them below: 

  1. Beast Boy – Weeping Woods.
  2. Rick Sanchez – Defiant Dish.
  3. Bunker Jonesy – Lumber Lodge.

Now, you can purchase a rift from any of these three NPCs. Each of their locations comes with some pros and cons. We are also disclosing it.

  • Beast Boy: Get into Beast Boy is not an issue during the early game as no challenges the respected week are connected to Weeping Woods. 
  • Rick Sanchez: In the fourteenth week, the legendary challenge is connected to the IO satellite station, Defiant Dish. This move is a bit risky for players to land. 
  • Bunker Jonesy: The location was isolated. This location is the perfect place where you can visit to activate a rift in Fortnite.

What are the hidden facts of legendary Quest in week 14?


We found some important facts about the legendary Quest, which help activate Rift by purchasing from character. 

  •   You can get Slone’s orders from a Payphone – 15,000 XP. 
  •   You have the power to warn characters of impending doom (0/3) – 45000 XP. 
  •   You have the power to place warning signs (0/4) – 30000 XP.
  •   Shut down the radar dishes (0/2) – 30000 XP. 
  •   Spoil the Mole’s sabotage attempt (0/1) – 30000 XP.
  •   Confront the Mole (0/1) – 30000 XP.

What are the hidden facts of Epic Quest in week 14?

Like Legendary Quest, we can also found some unknown facts about Epic Quest, which are:

  •   You can activate a rift after purchasing it from a character (0/1) – 30000 XP. 
  •   You have allowed collecting foraged items at Corny Complex (0/4) – 30000 XP. 
  •   You can destroy alien eggs (0/3) – 30000 XP. 
  •   Eliminate an attached alien parasite (0/1) – 30000 XP. 
  •   Ignite structures in Holly Hatchery and Corny Complex (0/25) – 30000 XP. 
  •   Damage opponents while in a vehicle (0/150) – 30000 XP. 
  •   Pop tires on IO vehicles (0/1) – 30000 XP.


Expectedly, you are now aware of each unknown thing about this game. 

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