Acx legit

Is acx legit? Do you want to write and sell your book? In this article, we will be discussing about acx safe to use or not and how you can earn money online using this website.

People in the United States have used this website and published their books on the platform. They publish audiobooks, so it doesn’t matter if you are a writer, narrator, or publisher. They will help you earn money using their website. Read further to know more about acx and if they are worth your time.

What is

Acx stands for audiobook creation exchange, and it was launched on 12th May 2011 by Audible. It is a platform where narrators, authors, right holders, publishers, and agents come together. If you are a writer, you can choose your producer and make a deal about production costs. 

You can also choose a narrator of your own choice. They sell these audiobooks on various prominent platforms. If you want total control over the royalties and make independent choices about your audiobook distribution, you can pay the producer at once.

You can also upload an abridged audiobook on the website, but it needs to be approved by them. After the professionals approve it, it will reach millions of listeners on various platforms. If you choose the exclusive distribution, you will be paid 40% profit from any sale. 

If you choose the non-exclusive distribution, you will be paid only 20% of the profit, but you will retain your right to sell your audiobook on any other platform.

Read further to know more whether it is acx legit and other its policies.

How to use

If You are a writer and looking for a marketplace, you can publish your audiobook easily by following these simple steps:

  • use the web address and visit the official website of acx. Please, make sure you have an active internet connection before you start.
  • After the website is loaded, the sign-up page will appear.
  • fill all the details required and create your account.
  • You can choose your narrator from the various options that available on the website. Every narrator has an audition tape that will help you select the best option according to your book.
  • Then you can choose the producer and negotiate the making cost.
  • You can choose any method to pay the producer. 
  • You can either make a one-time payment to the producer and gain full responsibility for your audiobook distribution and royalty. Or you can negotiate to make no payment instead of split the profit in half.
  • Then your audiobook will be uploaded on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.
  • Your payments will be delivered regularly to your account every month.

Is acx legit?

It is a platform that was launched by audible. It’s a legit brand, and it has been in business in the United States for the past ten years. It has gathered a cloud of trusted readers and writers.

We read their policies on distribution and found that people can earn a maximum of 40% royalties on their audiobooks. That seems like a good deal for the upcoming writers, narrators, and producers.

Their trust score is 2/5 as per user satisfaction scale which states that they are trustworthy but poor is service. Yet, still have a few fields to make their website better.

User Reviews

We found a mixed response on various open platforms. They said that acx is unprofessional and takes too long to complete an audiobook. 

Their sale reporting is a mess and has no transparency, which leads to less payment and financial losses. We read a few reviews where customers were outrageous and called the website dishonest and vindictive as it cheats indie authors in their royalty.

Apart from the negative reviews, we also found many satisfied customers who believed that acx legit and safe to use. Users highly appreciated their customer care services. We will like to see their performance in future and recommend our readers to go through their website before affiliating with them.


Audiobooks are a growing business in the US, and acx is a good option if you want to publish your audiobook. The right holders are picky, and you might face some issues too, but it’s worth a try. As per research it is pretty much clear that acx legit and safe to use.

Social media presenceNo
Trust score2/5
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

Do visit their website and do a background check before investing your time in them. Please, share your experience if you have previously used them.

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