Among us in real life sus sus

Want to know about Among us in real life sus sus? Then you must read this informative article and find out who is the real face behind the character.

As we all are aware of the most popular online game, i.e. among us, which has won the hearts of millions of people. We come with the article Among us in real life sus sus gave beautiful lyrics to the game to entertain game lovers.


United States people love these lyrics very much. Do you enjoy music and lyrics while playing online games? Then you are on the right page. Let’s understand the new concept of the game.

About Rebecca and Music video:

Among us, the game has come with a song to entertain game lovers. This song is available on many platforms like Jiosavan, YouTube, Spotify, and many more. Rebecca is the American Singer who has given lyrics to this game. She has also created the popular series “Game Master Network”.

About Among us in real life:

“Among us in real life sus sus” is the name given to the lyrics of this song. The lyrics begin when she is with the crew in the spaceship. Moreover, it also continues with them when they try to find out the imposter. It is quite simple and easy to remember. 

Moreover, fans in the United States have also created many memes to make the game more interesting.

Game Availability

It can be accessible on all the devices like android, windows, and Ios. It is free of cost. You can easily download the game from the store to enjoy your free time. For windows, it cost Rs.199.             

How to play? 

It is a very simple game that ten players can play. They have to vote for the imposters and complete their tasks. In this game, have to secure the planet base or sky headquarter and reach back safely to the earth. 

The alien replaces one team member. The alien has to remove the crewmates until it reaches the earth. Alien has to go secretly and pass through the deceive players and can destroy the ship.

Speciality of the game:

The most interesting part the player has to create the manipulation and false tricks in the game. We have to teach our kids that it is merely a game for fun and entertainment in real life. But in our life, we have to teach them to be true and honest.

User reviews about “Among us” in real life sus sus:

We have researched and analyzed over the internet, and we can say that we have received mixed reactions from the customers. Some game lovers are delighted with the lyrics, whereas some criticize it due to creating a distraction. The game has received 90 million downloads.


By considering all the important information related to the game, we can see that Among us is a most exciting game that all age groups can play. The song released also gets a good response from most of the gamers around the world.

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