Among Us Town of Salem Mod

Download and play Among Us Town of Salem Mod now? There are 20 other role available that you can play and enjoy, around 90% fans loved this version.

We all know that Among us is one of the most loved online video games over the internet today. There are several versions of it released to date. Recently Among Us Town of Salem Mod is an on-trend topic because this mod version is like adding a new flavor to old wine. So, read the full article to know how you can play this game.

Several YouTubers from the United States mentioned this new version and were given a live demo that is why most of the players are in the hunt for this version. But no need worry because in this article you will get full info about that, so let begin.

What is Among Us Town of Salem Mod?

Town of Salem is a social allowance game introduced by the BlankMediaGames in the United States, 2014. As travelers, players are allowed parts to either attempt to slaughter other townsfolk or attempt to find which players are killers. These jobs may appear to be natural to fanatics of Among Us since modders are presently including a great deal of Town of Salem parts into the game. 

Similarly, like other games in the social allowance subgenre, the Town of Salem emulates the impostor mechanics of well-known gathering games like Mafia and Werewolf. Jobs can be unbiased, acceptable, or evil. Since its delivery, more modes have been added to the Town of Salem close by extra jobs. 

Werewolves, witches, mafia hired shooters, and chronic executioners visit players around evening time, while daytime is saved for allegations, derivation, and double-dealing. The program game was unbelievably famous, particularly a couple of years prior, so it’s nothing unexpected that modders are attempting to cause Among Us to have a feeling that Town of Salem now.

Role plays in “Town of Us Among Us”?

This version of Among Us Town of Salem Mod allows all players to change their character and can play different roles like:

Mafia – Godfather, Janitor & MafiosoEngineer
InvestigatorTime Master

All the above-mentioned role-play characters have some special authority as per their designation. You will love playing all these characters, so don’t wait and check it out now.

Download Among Us Town of Salem Mod?

Please follow the below steps to play Among Us Mayor Role Mod:

  • Download the files 
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Locate the root folder for Among Us. 
  • Steam, navigate to Library, right-click Among Us, navigate to Manage and choose to Browse Local Files.
  • Move the extracted mod files into the Among Us root folder.
  • Open “Among Us.”



Playing the Among Us Town of Salem Mod will add freshness to the game unless playing the same old game repeatedly lift the interest. We hope you like the information. If you find this post helpful, then you can write us in the comments section below.

You can also suggest us if you face any issues.

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