Anime Cross World Codes

What are Anime Cross World Codes for February 2022? Note down all the latest released redeem codes of the month. Use them before it exhausted.

As a result, you are the target audience for this article. This article will also tell you about the game features and the codes that give you advancements this month. 

Several online games are popular worldwide, but gaming technology has evolved. The creators are demonstrating a new method of playing video games. Playing a virtual video game adds to the experience; you might feel the real thing while playing.

What are the unique features of the Anime cross-world?

Before seeing Anime Cross World Codes, let us know much about this platform:

  1. The platform is based on user-generated games available to all players for free.
  2. Because Roblox is free to use, the quality of the games and backstories is diverse. 
  3. You may create your own roller coaster theme park or obstacle course, dress up a virtual animal and vote on which one is the cutest, play first-person shooter games, and much more.
  4. Even if the visuals are in a boxy 3D design, a skilled creator can produce frightening games. 
  5. Parents may create filters on their children’s Roblox accounts to prevent them from playing unsuitable games. 
  6. You may play with friends or join random games in many games.

What is Anime Cross World Codes 2022?


Here, we are listing all the codes that you can use in this Roblox game and then use them to get more advancements in the game:

  1. LAUNCH – gives 10 Rolls.
  2. LETMESLEEP – 200 coins.
  3. 2MLIKES – 200 coins.
  4. 6KLIKES – 100 coins.
  5. RECARNATION – 300 coins+20 rolls.
  6. WIKI – 2x speed for 5 hours.
  7. WELCOME2022 – 2x speed for 2 hours + 20 rolls + 50 coins.
  8. VENTIN – 2x speed for 2 hours + 10 rolls + 35 coins.

The process to redeem these codes is very easy. When you enter your game setup, you should click on the speech bubble present in the top right corner. 

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Then, it will ask you to enter the code that you have. You can use any of the code that is available and is active. After that, click on the redeem button to enjoy your game’s code advancements. 

About the world maps of Anime Cross World?


We uncovered very little information on Anime World Portal Google Maps throughout our inquiry after mentioning Anime Cross World Codes. The location pinned by Google is displayed in the search result. 

However, when we looked it up on Google Maps, there were no results for Anime World Portal. 

We also looked at the comments, where a couple of them said they were going to research and would go to that location to find out the truth, and a few of them referenced a video game. 

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We focus our investigation on gaming and, to our surprise, discover that it is nothing more than an online video game created in Japan. 


In this video game, you’ll see the character’s location on a Google map, and you’ll have to track him down and capture him. 

They designed the game electronically to make it genuine. This game is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.

How does the game portal work?

Anime is a hand-drawn animation published in comic books; some anime characters from Japan, South Korea, and China have gained international notoriety. 

All the Anime characters have appeared in films and television shows. Aside from merch such as T-shirts, stickers, and toys, one thing that unites people more efficiently is video games. We have seen Anime Cross World Codes. 


Anime world portal is a modern-day game in which the virtual and real worlds collide. The creators of the Anime World Portal used Google Maps to make this more pleasant. 

Connect to the Google map, where any participant may compete by reaching the pinned spot on the Google map. It’s similar to Pokémon Go. 

The game functions the same way as before, but with new features and gameplay.


In this post, we have seen Anime Cross World Codes for February 2022. We also mentioned the gaming portal and google maps.

If you have any doubts, please tell us in the comment section below. 


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