I don’t think I have to elaborate and tell you how important it is to get an annual report of your credit. In this article, we will find legit, or are there any chances that it may use your personal data somewhere without your involvement. 

So to take the dilemma off your mind, we are here with the truthful information about the effects that getting an annual report of your credit brings you. In addition to this, we will also answer your important questions like, how can you get your report safely if you are from the United States? How to prevent yourself from involving in any scams? So let us get started without wasting any time.

What is


It is a website that is found to provide an annual report for your account credit. It is an important document when you want to get a new loan or buy a new car. This may even affect your approval of the credit card, or it may even help you improvise your job application if you apply in the United States. This is the significance of getting a report for your annual credit.

No evidence of getting a report card will harm you unless you get it from a website that is certified by the government. And you should also know what the other persons feel about getting a report card, who already brought it. You may proceed to get your report card after you ensure that it is the route that provides security for your data and also improves in increasing your credit score.


But many controversies are arising when it comes to getting your report card from this website. In the following sessions of this article, we will reveal information about legit and the benefits you will have if you get it from here.

Can it harm you?

Before you know the advantages you get, let us also know how you may go into a loophole that may damage you while you get your report card. You might have heard the word phishing. It means there can happen any leakage of your data while you give information yourself to the website. By this, we can say that legit as legal.

But for this website, there is no trace that this may happen. This is the website that the government approves. And it also has its license provided by the reserve bank. So it is believed that your information is safe and secure. As it is under the hands of the government, it assures you that it is end-to-end encrypted. Meaning that your details are stored just at the website and can’t be shared anywhere.

What are the details it asks for?

  • The website will ask you to sign in with your email id and create a password of your choice.
  • If you wish to get a report card, you need to give your account number, international security number, and permanent address.

We don’t recommend you to proceed if this website asks you more details which reflects confidential details.

What are the benefits?

  • It is entirely free.
  • It will increase your credit score.
  • You can access your credit history whenever you wish to.
  • It may make the process easy if you wish to get personal loans.

How to prevent any scams regarding this?

It is entirely our responsibility to privatize our data, not to give data hackers any chances to hack your details.


You may do the following to serve the purpose:

  • Don does not provide all the details that the website asks you.
  • Do not click on the suspicious links from your inbox if any mail says the website sent you; the link may hack your email and password. If this is done, everything related to the email will get leaked.
  • Don’t login into every account credit website that you browse.
  • Do not use your account on others mobiles or laptops.
  • Also, use the two-step verification for your login.
  • Link your mobile number so that you can get a one-time password whenever you login into your account.
  • Do not share any one-time passwords regarding your account with anyone or any website.

We believe this helps you protect yourself from scams and verify whether it is legit and personal data leakage. For your question about, the answer is yes.

Please tell us to know your opinion about the legitimacy of is?


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