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Find out and read whether AnySubject Com Legit or not? Read what the customers are saying about the website, you can earn money while reading.

Books are one’s companion, and know that everything has shifted virtually; it is easy for all of us to read books of the genre that interests us. But do you also feel like sharing about the book as soon as you read it? Well, Anysubject Com Legit not only gives you a platform to write about the review of the book you just read, but it also pays you. Interesting, we know read on to know everything about it. 

The people of the United States highly enjoy this book reviewer service provider, and thus, by the end of this post, you will be able to understand how Anysubject works and where it stands.


Highlights: AnySubject Books Reviews

It is a great book summary website that hires People who have a zeal for writing book reviews in an honest way that reflects the story or the book’s interpretation pivotal to the readers while not revealing the storyline and making it enjoyable to read.

Anysubject Com Legit also allows the book reviewers the freedom to write in choice of their genres so that they do not feel compelled to read a book and write its review.


There is no fixed payment rate mentioned on the website; however, there is a different payment system for each review depending upon its word count, depth, etc. This is an online platform for people to earn money by reviewing books, based out of the United States, where people worldwide can share their passion for books. 

Interested in becoming a Reviewer and earning money?

Well, many of us may be inclined to apply as a reviewer and start earning money while following our zeal for books. Sadly, at present Anysubject Books is not looking for such applications. However, you can recheck it, and they may be looking up again soon.

Meanwhile, the present members can log in to their website and enjoy writing reviews and earning money.

User Friendly Create Account Or sign up?

When we understand Anysubject Com Legit, we need to talk about two perspectives:

Author’s perspective: The reviews are beneficial for authors as the more the reviewers will read their books, the more it will reach the general public. Similarly, this way, the reviewers can also enjoy and appreciate the work that authors invest in a book. 

Readers Perspective: The books that fall in the readers’ favorite genre when they are reviewed get an idea about the story and teach confidence in them for the book’s general outlook. 

How to sign up? & Read Books

For the procedure of any subject signup, the method is simple and straight; please follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, to enroll, you have to fill up your details and submit the exact name, address, and contact details.
  2. There are two versions: the publisher account and the second is for the reader’s account. If you want to earn, then register yourself as a publisher. However, the readers also get a small commission when you read and share with others.
  3. The earnings depend upon the number of readers and sharing.
  4. You can withdraw the earnings anytime, but you have to enter your bank account details.

IMPORTANT – Please note that we somehow collected information regarding “How to sign up.” 

However, currently, the website is not accessible to many non-US countries. Until then, please do visit for the latest updates reading it.

Anysubject Books: Scam or not?

If we want to understand AnySubject Com Legit or not, specific parameters are mainly being customer’s or reviewer’s feedback for this site. The reviewers’ payment also depends on the reviewer score. The higher the score higher the price. 

When sharing their reviews across their social media profiles, the reviewers help increase their reviewers’ scores. It is mainly one of the most famous books reviewing websites where reviewers are positive regarding their outlook. Mostly, it enjoys a good reputation for payment except for some when there is a breach of specific guidelines.


AnySubject Books enjoy a vast share of reviewers paid for writing reviews, and the readers look forward to what its reviewers have to share regarding a story. With the growing virtual space, it also seems to be useful to all the parties involved.

So, we would recommend using their services without any thought and being a part of this. Comment below and let us know all the book lovers what you have to say about it.


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