Do you know anything about Roblox? If no, there is no need to worry. We are always there for you to give you the latest articles. Today with this article, we discuss in detail.

Daily in the United States, many scam websites are coming that are trying to steal your personal information. Nowadays, people are using this app on a vast platform. So, let’s check out whether it is the legit one or not?

About Roblox:


It is one of the world-famous apps, including the United States, that helps mobile leaders like Amazon, Jam city, Yelp, and many more grow their apps and games while using this website. It is one of the most Aso tools supported by data science. The result of the website is very accurate and transparent. It gives you many features. It is an independent app, and it collects data from the app store.

It was launched in 2014, and it has offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Bengaluru. This app has been awarded various awards like Best ASO Tools, a Fastest growing technology company in Deloitte Belgium Fast 50 competition. 

Main Features:

  • ASO Impact Analysis: This feature helps you update algorithms, downloads, category rank, and many more things. It allows you to compare different things in one graph.
  • Keyword performance report: This feature give you an overview of the total organic total downloads generated per keyword.
  • Timeline feature: You can analyze your competitor’s past ASO Updates and ASO Impacts with the quality. It will also help you to increase the conversion rate.
  • Facebook ads intelligence: It will help you to do your advertising. It will gather the data from the Facebook ads library and assist you in social media marketing.
  • Analytics: You can check the visual impact of your ASO efforts in a customized graph. You can monitor each and everything of your competitor like category rank, downloads, revenues, etc. 
  • App intelligence: With the app intelligence feature, you can analyze the performance of your apps and your games in one place.
  • Market intelligence: With this, you can acquire new opportunities which help in creating new customers and market. You can able to interpret the competitor’s players in the market.
  • Pricing: It gives you two types of offers like a business plan and enterprise plans. Plans are based on the number of users, number of keywords, and number of apps.

Rate and highlights of this application:


It will costs you $69 per month. It is easy to use, and it can be used on any device like android, ios, etc. Some of the application highlights are app store area, A/b test, Benchmarking, channel attribution, keyword research tool, sentiment investigation, track your payment.

Items you can purchase from app tweak:


You can buy four items from this website, i.e., promotion intelligence, application intelligence, ASO intelligence, and market intelligence.

Is this app legit?

We have checked the legitimacy of the website, and we have certain things which show the app is the legit one:

  • It has received a 4.8 rating out of 5, which is a plus point for the website.
  • The website uses a secured web connection.
  • Positive reviews are found for this website.
  • 1500 mobile leaders across the countries have trusted it.
  • Have an excellent social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Application reviews from the customers:


It is necessary to find out the customer reviews before going through any website, and we have received a good rating, i.e., 4.8 out of 5, which is the excellent one. Customers are happy with the Roblox just as android. They found this app informative.


In the end, we would like to say that the app is trustworthy and quality-worthy. It gives you all the information about your competitor and helps in changing your marketing advertisement according to the competitor. Moreover, It has received a good response from the customer, which shows the website is the legit one.

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