Are Seatgeek Tickets Legit

Are Seatgeek tickets legit to purchase? Hopefully, you heard a lot about this website and want to buy tickets from here. Before that, you need to check its legitimacy for surety. After analyzing the demand, we are here with a detailed review of its legitimacy. Everyone has a dream to attend a concert or event of their artist. Even some people are addicted to living concerts and sports events. This site is ideal for them.

We are willing to present all information about this site in our forthcoming segments. We are offering an analysis of this site’s specifications, benefits, backlogs, legit assessments, and customer reviews for a better insight view. Expectedly, you will find all your answers at the end of the article.

What is Seatgeek? 

Seatgeek is an online website that compares all ticket prices available on the marketplace and suggests you the worthy one to buy. You can buy from any site as per your preference. In simple words, Seatgeek is a search engine system to found the best value offer on the ticket of live concerts

This website is workable in every part of the world. You have to select your location to found tickets for your live events in your city. Jack and Russell together started this web portal in 2009. After twelve years, this business is running successfully. 

They have different categories available on their website:

  • Sports: They include MLB, MLS, NBA, Golf, Tennis, NHL, Fighting, etc.  
  • Music: They have tickets for 21 savage, Billy Joel, Blackbear, Dave Matthews Band, Dave and company, and many more.
  • Events: They sell tickets to theatre groups like Kinky Boots, Hadestown, Dear Evan Hansen, and more. They also include horse racing and WWE in their category.
  • Artist: Whenever any artist is holding an event, they include it in their respected category like comedy, theatre, roadshow, dance show, etc.

You need to choose your favorite one and book it. Now, the time is here to reveal the answer to are Seatgeek tickets legitor not.


  • Contact number: No information has been given on the website.
  • Email address: 
  • Company address: No specific address is available on the website.
  • Service area: Worldwide.
  • Payment method: Only online payments are accepted on this website.
  • Payment options: You can pay using a credit card, debit card, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal. 
  • Order procession time: 24 hours after booking tickets.
  • Category: Search engine site for tickets.


  • Rating insights are available on the website for the general public. You can found each needed rating from the rating portal.
  • No extra fee is charged from the buyers to buy tickets via this website.
  • Transparent pricing is a great feature that builds a brand image in front of media and regular customers.
  • This site is user-friendly. You are not facing any difficulty accessing this site. 


  • They are not including the largest selection among tickets on their web portal.
  • Sometimes, you can find a ticket expensive than the market value. It depends on the demand for the live show or event.

Are Seatgeek tickets legit?

Yes! Now the crucial time is here. We are going to reveal the most awaited question of the day. According to our research, this site is completely legit. 

But for your satisfaction, we present a list of some points of legitimacy here.

  • All two certificate of HTTPS and SSL is available that means no doubts about data security.
  • They are giving a 100 % cashback warranty to those who are not getting their tickets successfully.
  • Even the ticket vendors will pay a 120 percent fine if they mislead anyone or try a scam in the ticket business.
  • They have a lot of franchises all over the globe.

The decision is a clear-cut one that this site is entirely legit. And we can mark it as 75 percent of trust score for such a good number of benefits. 

Customer’s reviews and opinions about Seatgeek?

We can find thousands of reviews about this website, which help us answer the question: 

Are Seatgeek tickets legit or not. The fact is we found eighty percent good and twenty percent negative reviews about Seatgeek. 

Lora said 

“That this site helped her find her favorite concert tickets at a convenient rate.” 

Ron said 

“That he could not get the ticket from this site and faced various consequences on the procession of refund. But other good reviews can cover this little dark cloud successfully.”


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score75%
SSL certificateYes
Customer’s reviewYes
Social media presenceYes

Hopefully, you get all your answer. According to us, this site is a legit website. You can buy tickets from this site without any worry.

In the comment section, you can share your own experiences and opinions about the site, and the article is Seatgeek tickets legit. We would love to hear feedback from you.

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