At&t free message scam

This article will determine whether it is at&t free message scam or legit. We all know that the world is becoming digitalized every day, and so is our lifestyle with new innovative technologies. 

We can do almost anything with just one click these days. The digitalized world has many advantages but are we aware of the scams that have made their way to our homes?

There are so many fraudulent cases being registered from scammers who send promotional glittering text messages to the users and take their details and misuse them. Simultaneously, at&t messages are a scam or not, and we will find out further in this article.

What is at&t free message?

There are several messages received from the at&t company to the customers, and it may be promotional regarding the notifications, the bill, and your purchase. At&t is the largest united states broadband company that provides internet even to the rural areas. 

It provides the latest news, internet broadband options, recharge, and tv connections; there is various news coming about the fraud message and scam messages received in the name of this company. Let us find out is at&t free messages scam is.

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What kinds of text messages are received?

There are so many scam messages received in the name of the at&t company but are not from them. These texts are as follows- 

  1. At&t free message scam bill is paid– This type of message says that the user accidentally pays off the bill, and there are several links provided with this message that require card details to get a refund. 
  2. at&t free message scam congrats to 2 lucky users- These kinds of text include that the customer is lucky to have received some cash from the organization. It suggests a lucky draw in which two participants won, which is the one who received this text.
  3. Some text messages include that signal issues are coming to the server, which will be process reimbursement. 
  4. Few texts state that the company has overcharged your account, and it will provide a link that requires card details to process the refund.
  5. At&t free message scam bill is processed– a few messages include that the bill is automatically processed and the company will return the amount.
  6. At&t free messages scam lock device– The text says it will lock the device if the bill is not paid.


  • Address- Headquarters in the United States
  • Contact – 800.331.0500
  • Email id- help(at)at&t(dot)com
  • Spam messages details number- 7726

You can use these details to make a complaint. If you receive any of these text messages, remember it is suspicious and never click on the link provided by such scammers.

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How to At&t free message scam block?

  • If you have a good cell phone, you don’t need to be worried; there’s an option in the mobile which will enable the blocking option of scams.
  • If there’s any possibility that you cannot search the block option on your cell phone, you can directly connect with the organization and can register your complaints.
  • There is an application called at&t call protect, and you can download that.
  • Multiple applications are available on Apple and the Play Store with blocking systems. 
  • You can add your contact number in the do not call registry.
  • You can report spam messages to 7726.

What are the complaints about the at&t free messages scam?

There were many complaints registered by the users who have encountered such spam messages and have faced fraud. The company does not entertain these spam messages, and if reported, they take complete action. 

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At&t has declared that the organization does not provide these glittering messages. If you receive them, do not open them or open any link provided.


The at&t free message scam has been in the news for a while now, and it is clear that people in the United States may receive these kinds of messages, but they have to be really careful on taking any action regarding those texts. If you receive them, confirm them with the company. 

If you find this article informative, share it with your friends and relatives who have an at&t subscription. Also, give your valuable feedback in the comments below.


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