Nowadays, we are searching for a trustworthy site which offers us households products as per our need. Here, we came up with reviews. Looking towards our current pandemic situations, it is a bit hectic always to buy needful things. So we are here to solve your queries about this site. is a United States-based company. This company ships its products all over the globe. They are new to the online e-commerce race. So, please read the whole article to gather information about it. Hopefully, it will surely help you. 

What is

As we said earlier, it is a website that offers many household products at a cheap price. However, they have many negatives sides like non-responsive customer care, poorly designed websites, fake social media presence, and many more suspicious activities. 

So, yes, it is not so trustworthy site. But we can’t pass our comment on it properly because it is a new website. 


So let’s move forward to the products which this website offers.

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Products of

  • Essential electronics.
  • Marine and RV.
  • Marine 2 and 3.
  • Watercraft and Boating.
  • RV and camping essentials.
  • Trailers.
  • RV parts and important accessories.
  • PWC parts and accessories.
  • Extreme Max.
  • Snowmobiles.
  • Actual PWC.
  • Night vision binoculars.

Eligibility to access this website:

  • You need to be 1i year or above in age.
  • You need to have your bank account and essential Id documents.


Contact address: 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, MN 55356 United States.

Contact number detail: (903) 292-9660.

E-mail address: contact(at)auterss(dot)com.


Category: Household products.

Shipping time: 15 to 30 days.

Order review timing: 1 to 2 days.

Cancellation: Accept return before the shipment of products.

Return period: Accepts return till 14 days.


Payment method: Online.

Payment options: PayPal, VISA MasterCard.

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Pros of it:

  • A valid HTTPS certificate is issued.
  • This website offers various products at a very low price.
  • A large range of product’s availability throughout the whole year.
  • This website ships its products all over the globe.

Cons of it:

  • Poorly designed website.
  • Low ranking in Alexa’s rank list.
  • No customer reviews are available for proof.
  • Not sufficient data is available about this website.
  • Non-responsive customers care services.

Is legit?

As far as our research, we can’t consider it a legit site because there is no trace of any positive reviews from customers and the website. We just found one website that reviewed this website. But still, they don’t have sufficient data. Maybe, because its a new website, they also don’t have enough genuine points or good ratings.

 So, at this moment, we can’t consider it legit. We found many suspicious activities. At this moment, we mark it as a scam website. “This website is rated as 2.3 🌟stars out of 10 stars.”


So, hopefully, the answer is clear now. All in all, the entire review is indicating it as a scam website till now. So, the reviewsis entirely negative in our eyes. reviews by the customers?

When it comes to customer opinion, the net result is a complete zero. No real-time customers are available on the internet. Just 1 website review and a couple of responses from customers are available on the internet, nothing more than that. 

We spot a couple of people who point out this site is a big scam through one particular website. So, the result of this buyers reviews is clear. This site is a scam as of now for various kinds of suspicious activities.


So, as we mentioned in the above stanzas, we consider it as a scam website in this article. So, be aware and a bit careful if you still want to try this site. Your security is all your treasure. If you still want to explore it, the website is just there for you. Search it and log in and maintain a safety strategy before buying products that us your actual need. That’s it for now.

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea of this site after reading the article on reviews. You can also share your suggestions here.


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