au/activate — Know How It Work 2022 ?

The process for au/activate is quite simple. It is not a hassle nowadays to stream any channels on tv, phones, laptop.

Australia is spreading digitalization very fast for its citizen. The world is becoming quite easier and convenient, so the process is also simple. Tv channels are now famous for sports and the rest can be watched on any OTT platform, be it movie or drama.

We will start with the process of activation, so stay tuned.


  • au/activate provides access to all channels and sports. You can buy it for few dollars and can enjoy it anywhere anytime.
  • The website even offers free trial days, where you can analyse it is of any use or not.
  • After viewing the content, the channel is providing you can decide whether to buy or not.
  • The best feature is you can cancel your subscription anytime.

How to activate au/activate ?

To sign up for any streaming motions on your tv, we will show you a few steps to make your procedure more accessible and faster. Let us continue 

How to sign up Streaming TV and the prices may vary in different parts of Australia but generally, it is only $25 for two streams, or you can go for $ 35 for three streams, and that’s all you have to pay.

What to wear? Know these tips!

The max cost is $35 if you have to want three strings. You can’t get over that price, and you can cancel anytime. Plus, the bonus thing is that you get a 14-day free trial. What’s better than that. So, we will tell you how to sign up right now, and it is pretty basic.

The only thing you need to sign up for is a mobile number, an email, a name, and a password, and that’s it, and it’s coming to apple tv, and it’s going to be coming to Telstra android tv, iOS tv. It’s coming basically to every platform. It’s going to a bunch of places.

This will be great on the apple tv, even on the android, and it’s going to be great on Telstra tv, so we are going to look at all that soon.

It’s streaming in HD, and the sports will be live here. You have all football matches, cricket matches, and almost everything you desire to watch, and you only have to $25 for two shrimps.

Sign up procedure? (Quick & Easy process step-by-step)

First of all, type the website name on your PC, that is au/activate .

  • You will see a home page, and you have to choose your desired payment option and go to the signup page.
  • There you will see a screen asking for your personal and relevant contact details.
  • Fill up your first name and last name. You will now write your valid email address that should not be verified. 
  • Put on your correct and working phone number on contact details. 
  • Then set up a password which should consist of an upper case, lowercase, strings, numbers in it.
  • After clicking continue, you will find a six-digit column that will ask your OTP. OTP will be popping on your phone notification, and you have to put the OTP in that.
  • Then you have to verify your email, and you have to check the code that the browser sent to you. Put on that, and you are good to go.
  • After the verification, you will see two ticks that inform you about the successful verification.
  • You will then have to add your credit/debit card details.
  • In this procedure, you cannot use PayPal or google pay. You have to use a debit card.
  • Put on your card number and put your CVV with the expiration date of the card.
  • After successfully putting in all the valid information, you will again receive an OTP.
  • After putting in the OTP, your card will be verified, and the payment will be made.
  • Then you can click on start subscription now. You will get to choose a name that is somewhat like Netflix in this way. 
  • Then you have to pick the profile picture. 
  • You then have to click to continue. You can also add other users if you want because you have 2-3 streams to add your friends and family.
  • And then you are in, and you are all signed up. You get to pick up your favourite sports. au/activate process is complete and you are now ready to use it.

Final verdict 

We hope that you have successfully logged into your device and can easily access au/activate are enjoying the outstanding feature of the streaming application.

This was easy and convenient. For any queries, please comment down below.


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