Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

Backpack leaf blower Reviews? In the autumn season, the scenic view of falling leaves looks beautiful and artistic. But, after some time, these fallen leaves create a lot of dirty mess in the neighborhood and our houses.

A backpack leaf blower is one of the recent technology in the United States to clean your houses. In this article, we will give you a review of this product. Read further to know more.

What is a backpack leaf blower?

On Lowe’s website, there are six different kinds of blowers with uniques specifications. These leaf blowers are needed in places with greenery during the fall season. It helps in cleaning and making a heap of the leaves gathers them in one place. It is purchased online and, you can buy it from any local lowe store.

Specifications of leaf blower:

  • At lowes, they are offering free delivery.
  • The cheapest blower is at $179 and, all six have different prices.
  • They have listed the number of items left in stock.
  • The best is the Husqvarna model at $519.
  • It is ideal for professional use and for covering large area debris and leaf cleanup.
  • It has a 65.6cc X-Torq engine which reduces fuel consumption and does not emit harmful toxins.
  • The air velocity is 236.2 mph and, volume is 768 cfm. It gives a Powerful performance for cleaning.
  • It has an anti-vibration system to make it easy to use.
  •  There is a variable speed throttle to control the speed of air for better handling the machine.
  • The ergonomic handle has an adjustable size for a comfortable grip.
  • The harness is very comfortable and fits all the operators.
  • 2 stage system of commercial air filter keeps your machine sustainable even in dusty conditions.
  • Two-year warranty.

Every blower has different specifications. Visit the website to choose according to your preference and read Backpack leaf blower Reviews.

Specifications of Lowe website for online purchase

  • You can buy online or find a store nearby on the website.
  • No contact address is given. You can visit a nearby store to make a direct purchase.
  • For Sales & Installation Services, you can call on 1-877-465-6937.
  • This is the number 1-800-444-1408 for customers care service.
  • They have not given any email address.
  • It gives free shipping on all blowers.
  • The shipping time depends on the type of delivery. If you choose standard, it will take 1-4 business days.
  • If you choose premium, you can get it in one or two days but, your location must be with 30 miles of a store location
  • The best way for return is through visiting their store.
  • You can send back the product online within 90 days to get a refund.
  • They have multiple online payment options and accept credit cards as well.


  • It is a good machine for fast and efficient cleaning.
  • Free shipping on all blowers.
  • There are six kinds of blowers at different price ranges. You can purchase according to your budget.
  • Husqvarna has many advantages that make it the best blower. You can control the speed for better operating.
  • They have a good return policy and multiple payment options.
  • The blowers are available in all Lowe’s stores. You can find the nearest one to buy instantly.
  • They have premium delivery for urgent needs.


  •  The Huqsvarna blower is not so pocket-friendly.
  • Very few items are in the online stock.
  • The blower at a low price has bad ratings.

Is backpack leaf blower legit?

This machine is present on Lowe, which is a very trustworthy brand. They have given a very user-friendly return policy. So if you have any issues, you can apply for a refund. The Backpack leaf blower Reviews are mostly positive. A detailed description of every blower is mention for better insight.

There are no skeptical aspects and, it seems like an authentic blower for your houses and even professional use. You shall read all the specifications before making any substantial purchase.

What are the Backpack leaf blower Reviews from the customers?

There are six different blowers and, each has received a unique rating from the customers. Huqswarna 570BTS has 5/5 stars, craftsman has 4/5 stars, huqswarna 360BT has 4.8/5 stars, Poulan pro has 4/5 stars, huqswarna 130 BT has 2/5 stars. Visit Lowe’s website to read the reviews of a particular model. You will find multiple pictures of real customers.

Huqswarna 570 has many positive Reviews. A customer stated that it does what it claims. You can feel the air pushing you with full throttle. It is easy to operate and assemble. The harness is comfortable with the chest strap that clips the two well-padded shoulder straps together. Be vigilant while using it because it can blow anything in its area.


Backpack leaf blower Reviews are different for a different models. Therefore you need to choose the model you want and then go through the specifications and rating before you invest your money. Lowe is a trustworthy platform in the United States to buy from and, you can also get easy refunds.

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