Balance of Nature Reviews

Balance of nature reviews? We will be providing the reader with honest and unbiased reviews of this product, which will help you get thorough knowledge of the product. Often, we lack a balanced diet in our lives, and the product claims to complete your diet with fruits, vegetables, and fibres.

The product is manufactured in the United States and is the most trending balanced diet supplement. It is pretty popular amongst the citizens and is widely used by millions. Let us know more about this supplement in detail.

What is a balance of nature?

Dr. Douglas Harvard founded Balance of nature in 1997. He is a chiropractor by profession. He studied different phytonutrients and launched its product based on the phytonutrients present in vegetables and fruits. 


Balance of nature is a natural way to get whole nutrients of fruits and vegetables in capsules. The capsules are composed of 31 dried fruits and veggies powder.

Apart from selling vegetables and fruits capsules, they have fiber capsules as a supplement that contains 12 spices and whole fiber sources. Let us look forward to a Balance of nature reviews.


  • The website offers free classes for better health for its members.
  • A third party tests the product.
  • There are 100% fruit and vegetable capsules without the additives.
  • All the supplements are gluten-free.
  • Doctors recommend it.
  • No addition of sugar.
  • There are a 30 days money guarantee from the website.


  • Address- United States
  • Email- info(at)balanceofnature(dot)com
  • Phone- 8002468751
  • Website- balanceofnature com
  • Product- fruits and vegetable supplement and fiber supplement 
  • Shipping- worldwide 
  • Shipping charges- extra
  • Mode of payment- Visa, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Refund/return- available 
  • Warranty- 30’days money-back guarantee 

How does the product work?

The company claims to provide good results and offers a money-back guarantee that is pretty compelling. If you suffer from malnutrition, you can opt for these capsules. It is an excellent alternative for natural fruits and vegetables.


The product is made of natural fruits and vegetables, beneficial for sound immune systems and repairing DNA cells. It also provides energy, a good sleep, improved gut health, good hair, skin, and nails, maintains cholesterol, etc.


  • An excellent product for replacing fruits and vegetables with a compact capsule size.
  • The experts provide health tips after you sign up for your membership.
  • The website offers 39 days money-back guarantee.
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, there is a supplement for fibers too.
  • Satisfying customer reviews.


  •  Capsules is expensive.
  • There is a warning letter from FDA.
  • We are not sure of the exact amount of nutrients provided by the capsules.
  • Delayed shipping complaints.
  • The customer service is pretty slow.

Is Balance of nature legit and safe to consume?

Yes, the site is legitimate. We have seen good customer traffic over the website. To prove our verdict, we would highlight a few points-

  • The trust score is high.
  • The website is SSL encrypted.
  • The domain is old.
  • Balance of nature reviews by customers are found.
  • No fraudulent case is registered for the website.

The product is safe to use because it has no additives and is pure fruits powder. They claim to have no sugars too. The product is Gluten-free. The third-party tests these capsules


We saw FDA sending a warning letter as their product was not meeting CGMP. The letter also claimed that the website assured that these capsules would cure diseases and illnesses, which is not valid.

Balance of nature reviews by customers?

We have seen mixed reviews by the customers. The star rating of the product is 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers who are not allergic to fruits and vegetables found it a great supplement to consume daily without side effects.

We have also come across some negative reviews that state that the website has poor customer service, delayed shipping, and some that the product isn’t helpful or working.

Final verdict? 


We conclude our article by stating that if you do not like fruits and veggies, you can opt for these capsules with your meal to complete your balanced diet. It will be a great alternative. We have also seen a Balance of nature reviews by customers.

You can choose a membership option to get the products at a discounted price. We would still recommend natural fruits and vegetables instead of consuming tablets. Real fruits and vegetables have more benefits.

The website is a legit e-commerce store, so you do not have to worry about fraud. If you have paid, you will get the product. You can mention them in the comments below.

Trust scoreHigh
SSL encryptionVerified
Customer’s reviewGood
Social media presenceyes

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