Benny Harlem Scam

In this article, you can able to check if the Benny Harlem Scam or legit? The people who are fond of natural hair have surely been impressed by Benny and his daughter. He and his daughter gained so much popularity across the world, but nowadays, they are getting popular because of his scams. Let’s keep continue to read the article to know them in-depth.

People across the countries, including the United States, South Africa, France, and Canada, love to have natural and long hair. Today, we will describe who Benny Harlem is and what type of products they are offering you.

To know more about Benny Harlem, keep continuing reading the article.

Who is Benny Harlem? 

Benny Harlem is a very famous personality in California. He is known for his long hair and Guinness record. He became famous due to the world’s tallest high-top fade in 2016 when his photos went viral on Instagram. 

Benny Harlem Scam?

People got attracted to this man. After getting famous, he launched a “Green Veggie” hair kit costing $399. After some time to attract more customers, he had launched the same kit for $299.

The truth came into existence that he is not selling authentic products, but he buys some items from grocery stores to hide the truth. He removes all the labels on the products, puts the fake leaves, stuffs them, and labels them. 

After doing all the activities, he changed the price. He sold the products to innocent customers who think he is traveling to Africa to collect the natural ingredients for hair.

User’s reviews?

We have checked over the internet about Benny Harlem Scam, and we have found that one of the users who are using a Veggie Kit of Benny Harlem has been eaten by a snake. He won’t get to the emergency medical facility. When he got hospitalized, the doctors find that the venom was present in the system. The lungs got infected due to the Benny Harlem product. 

In the United States, the users got infected in the throat, and the face was swelled. This is all happened because of the “Veggie Kit.” 

Others say that they purchased one kit and the price charged, but he didn’t receive the product, so we advise you to stay away from this product as it is very shameless that he is using very cheap quality products that can damage your system. 


We have revealed all the mandatory information related to the Benny Harlem Scam. It is very shameful that he is taking too much advantage of his fan followings on social media. 

Moreover, he had used his daughter’s pics as well to attract users. It is 100% a scam. Please stay away from this person and his products. Benny Harlem is the inspiration of many people across the world. But due to his shameless work, we can’t trust him again.

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