Big Pablow Tiktok Scam

See the full video and know all the information about Big Pablow Tiktok Scam >> read what the Tiktok users are saying who contributed.

Tiktok is a platform where anyone can make and upload creative video content to get fame. The application is famous and is widely used by millions of users. Although recently, this application is banned in a few countries due to its user data security breach. But in this article, you will get to know about Big Pablow Tiktok Scam.

The scam recently took place in the United States, and it is not a small regular scam because this time, the fraud is made in the name of chaarity by using the Tiktok platform. To know all the information in detail, please stick to the article and know who the person who did the scam was.


What is the Big Pablow Tiktok Scam?

Millions of Tiktok users put creative video content for entertainment, laughter, and fun. But few people are misusing this digital platform for their greed and bad intentions. The same thing happened when a lady from the United States misused this platform for her desire.

The whole matter was when a lady uploaded a video of her interpreting her difficult time which she is going through. She asked for the people’s donation for help; the Big Pablow Tiktok Scam video was made with full emotion that anyone will feel it for real. 

What was in the video?

In the video, she is claiming to be in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She is claiming that she is pregnant and having one toddle to look after. In the video, she is crying and rolling her eyes, which seems that she is in pain and needs help.

But the matter busted open into a scam when few people felt cheated. The lady who was asking for the donation and help also came on the radar of the FBI. And if the matter is under the FBI, then it is for sure that the case is severe. As we gathered the information and rumors, the scam is over $170,000, but the fact will only be known after further investigation.

The reaction by those who donated for the fake cause?

We also found some reactions and videos by those who contributed for good, but when they came to know about the scam, they reacted and condemned such fraud. One victim said that he was concerned his lawyer upon this to take his hard earned money back. There are several such reactions and feedback available by the people who responded ago on this Big Pablow Tiktok Scam.


As per our analysis and information available over the internet, the FBI is taking action on this and digging the real issue and face behind this scam. Millions of dollars were lost in Big Pablow Tiktok Scam by the donors. We think that such platforms should not be used for such frauds or scams because if someone asked for help in real, they might know that he/she will not be considered genuine.

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