Bishop Sycamore Scam

Are you aware of the recent controversy about the Bishop sycamore scam? These days we are surrounded by so much gossips 24/7. This one is also related to a severe scam incident. There are various updates posted on social media and the Internet about them. But we came up with some more new and crucial inside info of Bishop sycamore. 

We will disclose all hidden strings, facts, news, and insider point of view about this matter. We are compiling all details with some new updates for a crystal-clear presentation of the case. You can’t imagine what is waiting for you all. 

What is Bishop sycamore?              

Bishop sycamore is a non-public school. This school is situated in Ohio. Bishop is one of the 401 registered non charted schools of that specific area. All students can pursue their courses online with this school. If anyone wants to attend it, they can also participate. 


This school is not so famous. But a specific incident helps them to gain popularity. But previously, this school is a suspicious one. And everybody suspects Bishop sycamore scam.

The Bishop sycamore controversy (What is it all about)?           

A surprising incident changed the whole scenario from the previous Sunday. On Sunday, ESPN telecasted a football match between the Bishop and IMG academy of Florida. The football match raised controversy because of the 58-0 loss and poor playing strategy. The whole lousy effect is going on the ESPN network. 

They said,

 ‘’They need to verify a lot to give a chance to some suspicious school.’’


After the incident, the school remarked with a non-existent tag. Social media platforms are burst with hilarious memes and personalized quotes. 

This particular incident badly affects the fandom base of ESPN. Because they aired the show with a tagline of two mastermind teams, but they were not aware of the future accidents. 

Eventually, it also affects Bishop a lot. People are now questioning their legitimacy. Everybody is talking about is Bishop sycamore scam. 

The detailed team lineup?


Andrew Peterson is the founder of Bishop. He also grooms both the offensive and defensive lineup of the team. Ray Johnson was the head coach. He fired after the hilarious game. 

What is the opinion of the marketing group and ESPN on this matter?

 Gazi from the paragon marketing group said they regretted this incident and discussed it with Paragon, which secured the match-up and handled most of their high school event scheduling.

ESPN also said that they had ensured them that they would take steps to prevent such activities, and they need to put more effort into researching such matters from now onwards.

What are the allegations against Bishop?

  • Bishop Sycamore and its founder are now facing allegations that the organization is a “scam.” Andre Peterson, who we introduced you to earlier, has denied these allegations.
  • “There’s nothing that I’ve gotten out of this that would constitute it as a scam because I’m not gaining anything financially from what we’re doing,” Peterson told USA Today
  • “The reality of it is that I have a son (Javan) that’s also in the program and has been in the program for four years. If it’s a scam and the kids are not going to school and not doing what they’re supposed to do, then I’m scamming myself. And most importantly, I’m hurting my son. So when people say stuff like that, I would be taking my son’s future and throwing it in the trash.”
  • Meanwhile, Roy Johnson, the fired coach of the official team, allegedly has an active arrest warrant over fraud charges. Before working for Bishop Sycamore, he coached the startup football program Christians of Faith in Columbus.
  • There are also multiple civil lawsuits filed against him, including a 2019 case against him by ARN Hospitality over claims he owes a Delaware, Ohio Baymont hotel $110,685.

These allegations are the primary evidence of the Bishop sycamore scam.

Is Bishop sycamore scam? 

According to our analytics assessment, this school is a scam. And the upper segment is a clear proof about it. We cant trace any student who can claim they are a student of this school. All past incidents are indicating it as a big scam.


The primary situation of now is the founder is facing complex difficulties. And the whole world is saying Bishop sycamore scam. ESPN is also facing problems with its reputation. The only good thing is IMG academy of Florida ranked the second position in the list of the school football team.

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