Get free Robux token, skins and weapon by visiting >> Find out whether this website is legit or not, read visitors reviews.

When it comes to gaming, it doesn’t bind to any age group, but it also depends on the type of video game you are playing. Nowadays, few online video games received tremendous recognization from gamers. Like Roblox, you will find several articles related to it, but here we are going to tell you how to get free Robux from 


The Roblox Corporation, United States develop Roblox; it received quite a good appreciation since it’s released. Its popularity recently caught speed in the pandemic period when people found a way for time to pass—as with many other games. Players also started searching for its cheats, mod APK, and free benefits.

What is

Like any other free giveaway website Block.chatis a website that offers free Robux and redeems promo codes. These promo codes and Robux tokens can be used while purchasing a character’s skin, weapon, armors, and other benefits, which helps to take the lead during the gameplay.


The website took a little survey related to the United States and will offer you to do a task and, in return, will provide you free tokens and giveaways. But the matter is whether it is working or not to know that please read the full article and let you know about the complete information.

How to gain free Robux?

To get the free Robux, you need to follow some steps that are:


  • It includes three steps; in 1st step, you have made an account; you can register via a google account or by using any other email.
  • After registering in the 2nd step, you have to take a short survey, download an application to earn promo codes or a Robux token.
  • After that, you will get a token generator and free giveaways to submit your gaming account information. The earned Robux and gift will directly forward to your gaming account.

Is the website legit or not?


As the primary concern about this website, is whether it is legit. For that, we verify every aspect and try to find out the result. We followed all the steps like registrations, downloading an application, and then we saw two short videos. 

After that, we received a message that the Robux token will soon be credited to your gaming account. We waited for the whole day but didn’t receive any token or giveaways. Here we would like you to know that it is nothing but a trick website that is misusing Roblox’s name for personal benefits.

What the visitors/players are saying about it?


We found no visitors reviews by which we can identify the website, we also search social media account and various gaming platform but found nothing related to the


As we mentioned all the key points in the above section, why you should not entertain and unfollow such websites. We will suggest you never share personal detail or download the applications from an unknown source because it might include malware/viruses.

So, what do you think? Please let us know in the comment section.


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