Free Robux free Robux can be used for buying any in-game item for free and make your gaming experience thrilling and exciting. All you need to do is complete some simple functions.

The United States has many well-known gaming platforms and Roblox has gained immense popularity during the last few years. These Robux are for buying different in-game assets in Roblox. The website with no official affiliation with Roblox claiming to give free Robux is put under the suspicious radar and cause harm to your device and can access your private information.

What is is a new website that was founded on 19/03/2021 is a third-party website like tons of other websites which has free Robux to offer and therefore less reliable. The Robux can directly be bought from Roblox using debit or credit card but some people don’t want to invest their money rather get Robux. 


This is where websites like these come into view. The website asks the user to enter their username, and then you have to do some simple tasks like watching videos, performing surveys, and installing apps.

The website doesn’t work directly; instead redirects the user to blox land that is another place to earn free Robux

Roblox has huge clout, and scammers are always looking for such a big gaming platform to use their schemes to scam the players. The website that gives free Robux is generally a scam and harms your device; hence, it comes under the suspicious radar. Therefore we would suggest you be very vigilant during any association with the website.

How to earn free Robux?


Suppose you want to earn free Robux from, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Always make sure the device you are using has an active internet connection before following any steps.
  2. Go to the webpage of by using this link and load the page completely.
  3. the website doesn’t directly give you free Robux, and it will send you to another webpage blox land.
  4. The other webpage will ask you to fill in specifications like your Roblox username. For safety purposes, we would suggest using a temporary account.
  5. You will be needed to specify the device you are using by choosing the symbol of your device like apple, android, windows, Xbox, etc.
  6. The website will not inquire of any personal data like account password or any credit card information.
  7. Then select any free Robux offer all from the dashboard.
  8. Choose the option AdGatemedia and set the settings from high to low.
  9. Then perform some of the steps given by the website of downloading apps, taking part in surveys, and watching some additional video clips accordingly.
  10. Once you have executed all the above steps correctly, then you will be rewarded with points.
    1. You can exchange these points in return for Robux.

We wholly followed the steps ourselves to get the desired Robux.

Is it legit or not?

The kids and adults of the United States have grown fond of the gaming platform, and the popularity of Robux is increasing day by day because there are many in-game assets like Avatar, skins, weapons, etc., on the gaming platform can be bought via Robux. 


But kids and even some adults can’t afford to buy Robux using cash. Hence they want to use other options like free Robux. Because of the popularity of Roblox, it becomes easy for scammers to trick the players. 

We did a strong background check of the website but found no authenticity in their claims. Also, their trust score is just 1% which makes them even less reliable. There are many red flags on the website, and we do not think free Robux is legit. 

Instead, they are just another scam site to endanger your data and waste your time. We suggest you buy Robux only from a trusted source, Roblox itself, and don’t waste your time engrossing with such a website.



There is no review of the free Robux, and there is no customer feedback on the website too. People are easily enticed to such websites with such eye-catching offers, but after associating with them, they end up disappointed. 

After following the steps to get free Robux, we ended up at a suspicious webpage, and we couldn’t earn any Robux. Many other players had the same experience, and they also suggested that these websites can lead you to unfavorable situations. Such scam websites access your data and even harm your device through viruses.

After reviewing, we also did a background check on the blox land. The website has been working since 29 May 2018 and has a comparatively better trust score of 90%. But we can’t be confident about its legitimacy due to the mixed reviews that blox land has received.


The website has no authenticity and seems fishy. We would suggest no affiliation with the website, but please be very careful if you still want to try it. If you have previously used their website, please share your experience; we will love to hear from our readers.


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