Brookhaven Roblox

What is Brookhaven Roblox? It is one of the newest games that Roblox released very recently. What makes the game more interesting is that you need to adopt a virtual child and investigate a town. Unlike other Roblox games, this game is more of crime and thriller.

Roblox is the most played game in the United States these days. Though this was not intended just for children and teenagers, we have seen all ages of people playing Roblox games.

That is the specialty in Roblox games. They launched thousands of games till now, and they are coming up with exciting features day by day.

So, now we will see about the Brookhaven game.

What is Brookhaven?

Brookhaven is a Roblox Playing Game where players need to investigate a town. Wolfpack developed this game from the United States in 2020. It has a jungle, stores, chapels, schools, gyms, shopping areas, markets, etc.

There is no in-game currency for the Brookhaven game. You can purchase everything with Robux.

Players can have the flexibility to choose a character they want to play in the game. For example, you can be a receptionist at a dental specialist. If not, you can be a take carer of the virtual child.

In this game, you can play with your friends and family members and purchase vehicles, houses, etc. Also, most of the stands in the game are free.

For adopting the child in Brookhaven Roblox, you need to find the adoption center, right! T is also a part of the game. The adoption center is in the middle of the city. But, it is easy to miss because of its high accuracy, and the exact location is unreliable.

So, you may have to do a little search in the middle of the city.

But we are revealing the spot here: You can find the Adoption Center from the guide in the game.

What are the steps for adoption in Brookhaven?

First, you need to turn on the mom mode to adopt the child in the game.

• When you reach the adoption center, you can book an appointment for an interview.
• The Brookhaven Roblox Adoption Center officer pretends to check your qualifications, your job, the fee you had paid, paperwork you had submitted, etc.
• The interview questions are simple, like – do you have toys at home? Are there enough beds in the house to accommodate the child? Do you feel ready to take responsibility for a child? Tell me about your job?
• The adoption center officers will give information about approval over the phone.
• You need to impress the officers by showing cleanliness, child’s room, child’s bed, play area, toys, readily available fruits and vegetables available at your home, safe furniture, and other kinds of stuff at your home which should convince the officer.
• Once the officer gets convinced, she will get back to your home with a small child.

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The officer will hand over the child to you, mentioning the child’s name and any special care the child may require. Finally, the officer will take a leave mentioning to reach her or the adoption center if the mother needs any information (or) help.

How to play Brookhaven Roblox?

Even before you adopt the child, you need a house and a job to raise her right! So, here are the ways you can play this game smartly:

  1. On your screen, there will be a tab with the shape of a house. In Brookhaven, getting a home is easy and free. Even getting a car is easy and free; just click on the Vehicle tab, select the vehicle available, and you have it.
  2. Now, you need to find a job to earn money in the game to afford items that you would want to purchase as you move further into the game.
  3. When you enter a store, you will see an icon with a job written on it; click on it. You got the job!
    After getting all these, you need to take care of the child. Also, take her and show her all the places in the game.


We believe we have given you complete details about the game Brookhaven Roblox. Also, we have revealed the steps to follow in the game to play are clever. Follow those; you will enjoy the game!

Have you played Brookhaven? Tell us which role you liked the most.

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