chainmine legit or scam

Is chainmine legit or scam? This question is a big headache for bitcoin traders and customers.

Mining, and investing, are trending on the internet. During our research, we found Hundreds of websites related to bitcoin investments. But the hidden fact is not all websites are legit. 

You can hardly find nearly fifty websites that are working in a legitimate way. It is essential to look at all websites before using them. We are focusing on only a particular one today. This name is new and trending.

The buzz is high for websites. Naturally, there are many questions left unsaid. We present this article to answer those unsaid questions and solve your doubts and problems. To reach the main focus, we include all sections of the brief introduction, working process, the legitimacy check, and other facts. 

What is Chainmine


Chainmine is a newly launched website that offers free bitcoins. This website claimed you could get free bitcoins through the mining process. 

This platform is running on a cloud mining process. However, they say you can earn a living from this system. Now the question is whether chainmine legit or scam? 

What is cloud mining

Hopefully, you came across the word mining, but bitcoin cloud mining is a new term for this website. In simple words, you can mine bitcoins without buying with the help of this method. 

This is a cheap process that allows you to give the ability to mine online. 

What is the working process of chainmine


Before getting deeper into the question is chainmine legit or scam, we will share the brief working procedure. Firstly you need to register first on this website. Please fill in all required details and submit them to complete the registration successfully.

Once you complete the registration, you get a bonus of 1000 GH/s= 1Ths and a minimal amount of free bitcoins. After receiving the successful rewards, the cloud system starts working and mining for you all day and night without any interruption. 

You can directly transfer those bitcoins to your selected bitcoin wallet. Else, you can spend the bitcoin balance boosting up the energy of bitcoin mining. It is all in your hand how you handle it. 

What is the process to get free hardware power

The process of getting free hardware is first-time registration, and you can only earn free hardware power only after registration. 

After it, you need to spend the bitcoin to increase the hardware power. The emphasis is 1000gh/s is equal to 1ths. 

What are the different types of processes available to increase the hardware power


According to our research, we can see three ways to increase the hardware power. 

  • You can purchase the hardware extensions to increase the power.
  • They are charging bitcoins can also be an excellent way to increase the bitcoins hardware power increment.
  • Another way is adding a person through your invite link in the team, and you will get a commission which increases your hardware power.

chainmine legit or scam

Is chainmine legit or scam? In our research, we can’t find the exact answer. The only reason is this website is a new one on the internet world. And most importantly, we can see various suspicious activities on this platform.

  • This company was launched a few months ago.
  • No positive responses are available on the internet about this platform.
  • The website’s outlook seems suspicious.
  • There is a lot of information that is unavailable.
  • No owner details and social media presence is available on this platform.
  • We mark this website as suspicious with a 5% trust score.

Chainmine reviews by the users

We found several negative reviews and comments about this website during our research.

Chandler said, 


“This website is not a safe site to transfer any bitcoin to your main account. They have a minimum transfer amount, but it is hard to unlock it.”

Michel said,

“Chainmine is a website that offers free bitcoins mining, but the outcome is zero. There are several barriers to redeeming bitcoins, and the entire process is tricky and seems like a fake.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 5% 
Social media presence No 
Customer opinion Yes 

In our final decision, we only claimed this website as suspicious. This is a bit risky for usage, and you can use it only after measuring your safety concerns. In our opinion, don’t invest any money in this platform.

If you want to share any information regarding chainmine legit or scam, drop the opinion in our comment section to let us know about your thoughts. 


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