Cjinc.info Legit?

Is cjinc.info legit? Let’s find out the portals’ unbiased review in this super honest article. Covide_19 has left 10000 people unemployed. Those with the high designation are sitting in their homes. Unemployment has become a severe factor in the destruction of humankind. The world was on a pause these two years, and the poverty mark has gone way too high.

People from all over the world are in desperate need of a job that would at least feed their tummies. Cjinc.info is an online job-providing platform that has come up to employ hundreds of people and give them good salary jobs. Let us quickly get into the article and find out – is it safe to get registered on this website or not?

What is cjinc.info?

Cjinc.info is an online website that provides remote jobs to the job seeker in the comfort of their homes. These jobs include taking surveys per day that pay you handsomely, and you can fill your tummy as well as your needs. The portal only asks few requirements from the employee, that is 

  • A good laptop/mobile
  • A few hours, let us say 4-5 hours a day
  • A stable and good internet connection
  • A basic education backgrounds
  • And savings account in the bank to pay your salary

They plan to hire confident, enthusiastic people who are quick learners and seek and look through every opportunity and responsibility provided. Now we are still unaware of the fact that is cjinc.info legit or a scam? All your thoughts will be cleared in this article. Carry on reading.


  • Owner –
  •  Address – 
  • Email – 
  •  Contact – 
  •  Purpose of the website – 


  • SSL encryption verified
  • Domain age is old
  • Customer ratings are satisfying
  • Appealing website for the new user


  • owner identity is hidden
  • the website has been voted as a scam
  • the domain is not optimized for search engines
  • anonymous transaction details are found on the website

Is cjinc.info legit?

No, this site is a total scam. This website claims to give survey reviewing jobs and provide you lots of money without interviews or proper education background claims that it is this. No contact details are mentioned on the domain. The owner’s identity is not revealed. No email address was found. The website, although it is SSL verified that does not make it a legitimate one. People in the United States claim that this is a scam. They do not provide you with money or employment; instead, they sell your data to the dark web. We cannot rely on any social page of this website.

The trust score is 14 out of 100, and the customer reviews are not satisfying enough. 

The customer’s review

The customer’s review is found as a 3.3 out of 5-star rating, which is a fair rating, but there is no certainty that these reviews can be fake. The customer review, however, is not applicable to judge the portal. People have complained about getting calls from scammers who promised them handsome salary jobs, conned and looted their money, and then blocked the customer. We highly recommend staying safe and beware of such scammers as the world is filled with such kinds of people. Is cjinc.info legit? I guess the answer is very much clear now. 


Our research and analysis conclude our article by stating that this site is a total scam for various reasons. Is cjinc.info legit? We have answered your question. They sell your data; we have not seen anyone getting employed or getting the salary they claim. So, if you still want to go for it, we will suggest digging into the information and then giving your details.

Social media presenceNo
SSL encryptionVerified
Customer reviewsYes
Trust score14





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