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Many websites claim to offer free Robux to the Roblox players and is one of these websites.

The players and developers of the United States have shown interest in this famous online multiplayer game Roblox where they can even create their games and play the games created by other players. Players and developers are excited about this game because of its Roblox studio, where they can pick from backgrounds to accessories of their own choice. The players are equally excited to play the games created by others hosted on the same platform.

What is Robux?


Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox by which users can purchase various items available to level up in the game. Many websites claim to offer free Robux to players who visit them and perform a task or two. 

What is

This website has a similar model of offerings for the players. When players run out of Robux, they try to get it for free on the internet. This website aims to offer Robux for free to the players, but the story does not end here.

A queer list of links appears on the players’ screens, which asks them to perform any two tasks from the list to get their desired Robux. And all of these tasks are related to cleaning, for example –

  • How to begin with cleaning services
  • Provide maid services for one month
  • Cleaning products 
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Where can we buy Meyers cleaning accessories 

What does this website do?


So the approach of has nothing to do with providing Robux to players. Instead, it works otherwise by providing links related to cleaning services and products, which is of no use and makes no sense to the players.

At first, the players are required to type in the username of their Robux account, and the second step is to enter the amount of Robux they wish for. After entering this information, the task list appears. The players can choose any two out of the list, and they are supposed to post the tasks they chose to perform to get free Robux.

Is clean legit?

This website contains only the name Robux in its domain name but does not go by its full name. It has other things to offer but Robux. All the links regarding cleaning are unnecessarily displayed on the website and make the website look more like a scam.


As per the latest information, the domain name for this website was registered in September 2020, which makes the website even more doubtful about what it claims to offer. The website can also hack players’ accounts to obtain personal information as the multiplayer game also supports in-game chatting and may lead to dangerous consequences.

What is the player’s feedback?

Unfortunately, user reviews are not available for this website. However many players and developers from the gaming community in the United States claim this website to be fake and a scam because of its unsafe functioning and irrelevant offerings. 

The players also do not support buying Robux from unverified and skeptical websites like as they can emerge as a threat to their sensitive personal information.

How to get Robux legitimately?


The players can buy Robux from legitimate and trusted sources like –

  • The players can purchase Robux from the Robux page itself 
  • The players can purchase a Roblox premium membership and receive a lump sum discount or allowance from purchasing Robux.
  • The gaming community strongly supports the in-game stores to purchase Robux to be further used in purchasing upgrades and accessories.


With a negatively operating model and irrelevant content on the website, we advise the players and the developers not to fall into the trap of this website to get free Robux or use it after fully checking its legitimacy. We also suggest our audience check the other sources from where they are purchasing Robux as there are many fake websites on the Internet with similar free Robux offerings.

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