Codashop Steam Wallet – Is it Safe to Use, Latest Updates (July 2022)

Nowadays, Steam wallet lets the users buy games with the steam wallet fund in their steam account. Steam is becoming one of the largest digital banking platforms in the sector of PC games. And Codashop steam wallet is one of the most popular among them. Steam also allows you to buy games directly from the application.

Steam wallets are available in various locations all over the globe. It is most popular in Indonesia and Malaysia among hardcore PC game players. 

So please read the whole article carefully to solve your queries about it.

What is Codadhop steam wallet?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, it is a digital banking platform. It is used for downloading and subscribing to games and other premium apps. These cards are used as gift cards also. You can also use your debit card for steam wallet transactions.

How to buy a Steam wallet?

  • Firstly, you need to go on the Codashop website.
  • Then click on get started 
  • Selecting a preferable category of Steam Wallet
  • Choose a convenient payment method.
  • Proceed with the payment and checkout. How to add funds via steam?
  • Firstly, you need to log in to your account
  • Then select account details.
  • Press the click on add funds.
  • Confirm and proceed.
  • Then checkout successfully.

Another great feature is sending money directly to all your family members and friends by steam wallet through gift cards.

You can apply for a refund also if you want it. You just need to write a request on 


  • Payment method: There are various payment methods available like gopay, OVO, Dana, ATM & BCD, Telkomsel, ShopeePay, Visa etc
  • Contact address: No information available
  • Contact number: No information available 
  • Contact mode: There is a web form portal where you can submit your queries.

Also, there is a live chat option where you can chat about your problem with their executives:

  • Category: Digital banking platform.
  • The minimum value of steam wallet card: $20
  • Steam money to real money: With the help of a third-party application, you can also convert steam money to real money.
  • Platform: You can use it on a PC. It works on Windows, macOS and Linux.


  • You can buy steams without having a credit card. 
  • You can purchase 30,000+ games by steam.
  • You can get exciting discounts also.
  • It is a legal website. So, no worries about piracy.


  • It is a third-party platform.
  • A suspicious social media appearance. 

Is Codashop steam wallet legit?

When it comes to this question, it is a little bit hard to decide. Because 70% of reviews are claiming that it is a risky platform to link other digital banking platforms with it, on the other hand, 30% of users spotted it as absolutely safe and reliable. 

So, we can’t decide to label it legit or not. But many countries like Indonesia and Malaysia consider it as a legit platform for investment. 

Customer’s opinion (What they say)?

As there is insufficient information about Codashop steam wallet, we couldn’t find the real customers. 

But we spot some customers who are complaining about it. And some others are okay with this platform. 

Some of them are saying, “Don’t use a third party platform blindly,” and others are like, “It is okay to use it but at your own risk. So, it’s all about mixed reactions.


From the information mentioned above, it is crystal clear why the website is suspicious and not having enough trustworthy points to make our decision. If you still want to purchase the wallet, then you can buy it only after safety concerns.

You can also write to us in the comments section whether you find Codashop steam wallet review worthy or not and also let us know about your opinion on this site.


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